2015 Children’s Hospital Sale

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Meet the “MINI Heroes” of the Children’s Hospital Colorado

If you made it to the HRCA’s 4th of July celebration a couple weeks ago, chances are that you saw the MINIs dressed up as super heroes. And inside those super hero MINIs were real-life super heroes. Kids from the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Burn Center were riding inside, showing off their bravery for everyone to see. This week marks the 2015 Children’s Hospital Sale at Schomp MINI, taking place now through Saturday, July 18th. Every new and pre-owned car that Schomp MINI sells generates funding that provides needed equipment for kids suffering from devastating burn injuries, much like some of our MINI heroes.

Today we’re introducing you to the heroes themselves, who each have inspirational stories. Get to know these kids and come into Schomp MINI this week to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital Colorado!

Blake, age 12

Courage is… To stand up for what you think and believe, to be brave and fearless.

  • I am from… Aurora, CO
  • My friends would describe me as… Smart, Funny & Kind
  • I attended the… Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Program

Blake was riding his motorcycle with his dad when he encountered loose sand. His bike slid out from under him, pulling his right leg under the wheel. The muffler melted his shin guard and his posterior calf leading to two surgeries for skin grafting. Blake flourished and gained the confidence to speak openly about his scars after attending the Burn Camp Program.

Ian, age 8

Courage is… To be brave when doing something scary.

  • I am from… Denver, CO
  • My friends would describe me as… Happy, Courageous & Ambitious
  • I attended the… Breathing Institute, NICU

Ian spent four months in the NICU due to chronic lung disease, pulmonary hypertension and feeding difficulties after being born three months premature. He required high-frequency ventilation to treat his pulmonary hypertension and feeding tubes to help him grow. One month after leaving the NICU, Ian was re-admitted in near respiratory failure. He underwent cardiac catheterization and was diagnosed with worsened pulmonary hypertension and diastolic dysfunction. Today he is still being treated for his pulmonary hypertension but no longer requires oxygen or medication to help his heart pump better.

Brooke, age 10

Courage is… Trying to be as brave as I can, even in a scary situation.

  • I am from… Colorado Springs, CO
  • My friends would describe me as… Happy, Bouncy & Curious
  • I attended the… Heart Institute

Brooke had heart surgery as a newborn to open a narrow aorta. She has had no complications since her surgery and is now a healthy, happy 10-year-old.

Brett, age 11

  • I am from… Parker, CO
  • My friends would describe me as… Happy, Brave, & Resilient
  • I attended the… Sie Center, Special Care Clinic

Brett was moved to a new home due to neglect, and has recently been adopted. Since beginning treatment in 2012 at Children’s Colorado and the Sie Center for Down Syndrome, he has increased his body weight, is managing his seizures and successfully completed speech therapy after being nonverbal. Brett has had 8 admissions and over 200 appointments at Children’s Colorado, and always arrives with a smile on his face, and encouragement and laughter for his care team. Brett has formed a special bond with all of the hospital staff and continues to surpass all expectations.

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