5 Winter Driving Tips For MINIacs

December 1st, 2015 by

5 Winter Driving Tips For MINIacs

Last week, Schomp MINI released a call to action, searching for the best winter driving tips from our fans. So far, we’ve received several awesome tips!

While some of our followers said they just want to stay home while the snow is coming down, the majority gave us some brilliant ideas when it comes to keeping safe on the snowy roads.

Whether you’re driving to and from work in the snow, or you’re heading up to the mountains during a snow storm, here are some clever safe driving and winter car care tips.

“…a good pair of winter snow tires and a winter preparedness kit in the trunk – [the] kit includes a flashlight, jumper cables, collapsible snow shovel, foldable hazard cones, emergency blanket and a couple of energy bars.” – Mark J.

“Drive for the conditions, not your ego (told to me by my dad my first winter of driving). I’ve lived here my whole life and have never had a problem/accident ever heeding his advice.” – Vicki B.

“…a good set of winter tires and bag of concrete in the trunk space.” – Christine K.

“I always make sure to stop where the stop sign is visible through the front corner windshield, not on the side!

Keeps you out of the crosswalk and also a “safe slide” if you hit ice – good habit for all seasons. Plus it keeps you from getting a ticket! Police can never say you didn’t stop at the stop sign!” – Rob M.

“Coat your door jam seals with a good rubber/plastic protectant to keep the door from freezing shut.” – Rich C.

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