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July 29th, 2015 by

Schomp MINI Band of the Summer – Meet the Top 3 Finalists

At the end of June, Schomp MINI launched its Best of UMS 2015 – Band of the Summer contest. The public was asked to nominate their favorite band, and Schomp MINI also gave bands the opportunity to nominate themselves. After the bands were nominated, the fans were then asked to VOTE! Schomp MINI would then take the top three finalists and choose a winner to take home the $1,000 prize.

The votes are in and the top three bands are being announced! King Cardinal, Josh Moorhead and The GuestList, and the Samuel Edgar Band are Schomp MINI’s top three for the band of the Summer contest.Schomp MINI is now analyzing each artist/band and the reason they want to win the $1,000. The winning band will be announced soon but for now, we’re introducing you to the bands you voted for. Congrats to all the nominees!

King Cardinal – 1.2 k votes

  • Genre: Folk
  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado
  • Website / Facebook

Folk artist King Cardinal was one of the top artists voted for in the contest. Brennan Mackey performed live at this year’s UMS at Eslinger Art Gallery, showcasing music from his first EP, as well as his second, called “Once a Giant.” If King Cardinal won the contest, the artist would buy a tour van.

Josh Moorhead & The GuestList – 1.2 K votes

  • Genre: Western Swing
  • Hometown: Conifer, Colorado
  • Website / Facebook

Western swing band, Josh Moorhead & The GuestList performed at the UMS on Thursday night at the Skylark Lounge. Members of this group have come and gone, but Josh Moorehead’s persistence carried through and has since brought “Western Swing with lyrics full of imagery and swaying melodies” to the local music scene here in Colorado.

Samuel Edgar Band – 600 votes

  • Genre: Heavy Roots, Americana, Folk Rock
  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Website / Facebook

The Samuel Edgar Band performed at the South Broadway Christian Church this past weekend, with a full crowd listening to the heavy rock, Americana and folk rock tunes. If the Samuel Edgar Band won the Schomp MINI Band of the Summer contest, they will “put the money toward an inaugural tour.”

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