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Interview with the UMS 2015 Artist Brothertiger

With the Underground Music Showcase presented by Schomp MINI coming up in just a couple weeks, we’re anticipating this year’s lineup like never before. This year’s headliners include STRFKR, DIIV and Tennis, among other acts including Milo Greene, Brick + Mortar, Moon Hooch and our first UMS interviewee, Brothertiger.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, John J. of Brothertiger has created a sound that Denver so seeks to hear live once again. Schomp MINI talked to Brothertiger about what to expect this year and more.

Tell us about Brothertiger. How did it start and what was your mission within music?

BT: Brothertiger started in my college dorm room in Ohio, after I had been involved in a few electronic projects with friends. My mission was to create big songs as a solo performer, and to convey that through performance as well.

How would you explain your music to someone who’s never listened to it before?

BT: I consider it to be modern synth pop with a ton of obscure ‘80s influence. There are these snippets of songs from the ‘80s that I absolutely love, especially instrumental breakdowns, that I pull influence from in my music.

How does it feel to be performing at this year’s UMS?

Great! This is my 3rd UMS in a row. I love Denver, and I love the energy from this festival.

Give us a sneak peek of what to expect from your set.

If anyone in Denver has seen me before, they’re used to the idea of me creating and playing my songs on the spot. That’s about the same as what they’ll see this year, but with a few differences. I’m bringing some new instruments, some new songs (from my upcoming album), and a new overall vibe! Hopefully projections too.

Where and when can we find you at the UMS this year?

I’m not 100% on it, but I think I’m playing the Hi Dive on the 23rd? Not sure on the time.

Purchase your tickets to the Underground Music Showcase here. 

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