Burton US Open Style

February 25th, 2015 by

Mountain Gear + Street Style

With the Burton US Open quickly approaching, it’s time to put your packing list together. And with the help of Burton, that packing can be super easy. Don’t know what to wear while you’re in Vail at the Burton US Open? First of all, if you’re heading to the competition, you don’t have to get all decked out in full mountain gear. You can leave that up the riders. Instead, take some style tips from Burton’s street style collections. Burton makes denim, lined jackets that look like flannel shirts, and more. Next, if you’re heading to Vail to watch the Burton US Open, you might as well pack your mountain gear – even though you don’t have to wear it to the games. We’ve put together a few style inspirations from Burton that’ll help you with your packing for next week. Enjoy the Burton US Open – in style! 

Women’s Street Style

Chloe Mittens: $34.95 | Snipe Jacket: $124.95 | Lorimer 5-Pocket Denim: $64.95

Just because you’re heading up to a snowboard competition, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Burton offers fashion that is easy to pull of whether you like putting outfits together or not. Take this Snipe Jacket that comes in several different colors. You can subtly stand out and match it with other fun colors and patterns. Pair it with a comfortable pair of jeans that will keep you warm. Next, wear an accessory that can keep you outside for hours, while also looking feminine and trendy.

Men’s Street Style

Backhill Beanie: $26.21 | Cole Jacket: $89.96 | B77 Slim Denim Pant: $69.95

Style isn’t just for women. And Burton makes it easy for guys to look put-together without having to take a lot of time doing it. Take a jacket like this Cole Jacket and bring in a fun color like in the beanie above. You can wear black or denim color jeans with this. Don’t worry about matching as much as making sure everything fits and has you looking ready to hit the streets.

Women’s Slope Fashion

[ak] 2L Embark Snowboard Jacket: $344.96 | Lucky Snowboard Pant: $127.46

For spring, have some fun with your winter gear. You can opt for a bright color like this Embark Snowboard Jacket, but tone it down with a muted pair of pants.

Men’s Slope Fashion

 [ak] 3L Freebird Bib Snowboard Pant: $412.46 | [ak] 2L Cyclic Snowboard Jacket: $277.46

For men, Burton offers a ton of fun patterns. We love this Cyclic jacket because you can wear it in any season. And this Freebird Bib pant is perfect for between winter and spring, because you can wear it without a coat on hotter days.