Catch an Exclusive Look Inside the New Schomp MINI Facility

January 15th, 2016 by

Slated to open later this spring, the new Schomp MINI facility on Plum Valley lane will serve as a flagship store, offering guests an immersive experience into the brand’s history and lifestyle.  Visitors can explore the brand’s racing heritage in an interactive two-story showroom with “suspended” displays, bike or walk along the Highline Canal trail, and soak up the sun in our giant outdoor event space, complete with panoramic mountain views.

Walking inside Schomp MINI’s nearly 60,000-square-foot space, you’ll notice an immediate sense of innovation and transparency.  The brand’s signature red and black colors abound, while floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate a distinct absence of the typical dealer showroom’s cubicle-and-office fixture set.  Perched above C470, a new MINI takes its place in an all-glass “jewel box,” while a large viewing window at the rear of the showroom allows for a clear view into the workshop.

Servicing your vehicle at Schomp MINI has never been easier, thanks to three dedicated service lanes with centrally-located service advisor desks.  Oil, windshield washer fluid and air are readily available making fluid and tire top-offs an expedient endeavor.  Our service department will continue to provide the largest fleet of MINI loaner vehicles in the area, while complimentary shuttle service and bicycle rental are available for shorter appointments.

“The building is entirely designed around portraying the MINI lifestyle,” said Mark Osborne, general manager of Schomp MINI.  “Each of our community partners – Modern in Denver, the Underground Music Festival, Love Hope Strength and more – will have its own display in our showroom.  Through this, you’ll be able to understand what the car is designed around, and what Schomp’s own MINI lifestyle is all about.”

Having our BMW, Honda, and MINI campuses in one central location will prove invaluable for our community efforts, as well.  Schomp MINI’s outdoor event space, complete with a full kitchen and wet bar, will accommodate hundreds of people along with static vehicle displays.

Providing the ultimate all-encompassing ownership experience, the new Schomp MINI looks forward to providing our clients and our community with many more years of innovation, transparency, passion and culture.


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