Celebrating Our Staff

September 1st, 2015 by

We are celebrating our staff this Labor Day.

With Labor Day just one week from today, Schomp Automotive is taking the time to appreciate our Schomp family members: our employees.

For more than 70 years, Schomp Automotive has had a presence in Littleton, Colorado, and all three dealerships will now be moving to Highlands Ranch on Plum Valley Lane. This move, Schomp’s success and the incredible relationships Schomp Automotive has with its clients wouldn’t be possible without an exceptional team of people.

Combined, Schomp MINI, Schomp BMW and Schomp Honda have hundreds of employees, many of whom have been a part of the Schomp family for decades. This dedication and growth has been fruitful for Schomp as a company, as well as the clients the three Schomp dealerships serve everyday.

To honor the staff at Schomp Automotive, we’re highlighting just a handful of the many employees. Get to know some of the Schomp team and help us applaud them this Labor Day.

Greg Geist, Schomp BMW’s shop foreman:
over 40 years on staff

You had the opportunity to work with Ralph and Lisa back in the day. Tell us about that.

Greg Geist: Ralph was a great person. He knew everyone’s names and knew their families. I worked with Lisa in mid-70s. She worked in every department and learned everything right away. She was also like Ralph and knew everyone’s names and knew their families. It has been a super great family organization to work for.

How is spending time with other employees from Schomp?

GG: It is really fun to get together with everyone. You don’t get to see everyone all the time. When we were together on Broadway, we’d see some of the guys everyday, but I haven’t seen a lot in a while. It’s nice to get together and see what has changed and see how their families are growing.

Frank Albert, Schomp MINI motoring advisor: about one year on staff

How do you go about helping a customer connect with the perfect car for them?

Frank Albert: It is all about listening to my customer and finding out what they really want – just paying attention and making appropriate suggestions, and having them be so happy with their car. A number of customers end up with a MINI when they just didn’t think it was going to be possible.

Schomp just introduced Schomp Life, a community of clients mixed with staff. What is the community
like to you at Schomp?

FA: It’s definitely a family. We all strive to help each other out to make things smooth for everyone involved, from customer to tech. Schomp Life to me is about very hard work. There’s no doubt about that and it’s about helping our customers get an exceptional automobile purchased, so they are left with a feeling of exceeded expectations.

Aundi Ramirez, inventory coordinator at Schomp Honda: about two years on staff

Why did you originally want to be a part of Schomp?

Aundi Ramirez: I was really drawn to the way Schomp does business. The organization is very customer focused and vey transparent in their dealings. I’ve always wanted to work for a company that prioritizes doing everything with integrity and that is the very heart of Schomp. The more involved I am here the more I am sure I’m in the right place.

How is it working with the other staff members?

I love my coworkers. I’ve met some of my very best friends at Schomp and can honestly say that we are a family there. I’m blessed to be surrounded by amazingly intelligent, driven and passionate people who inspire me daily. It’s easy to bring your A-game in that kind of environment.

Matt Rebeck lead BMW Genius:
about two years on staff

Why did you originally want to be a part of Schomp?

Matt Rebeck: My previous job had me travel away from Colorado months at a time. I wanted to work for a reputable company who was tied to the Colorado community.

How would you explain the concept of “Schomp Life?”

MR: Schomp Life can entail anything that you run into on a daily basis that you wouldn’t experience if you weren’t working within the Schomp organization: The latest BMW model getting delivered from the factory, a classic car visiting service, an awesome client experience, test driving a convertible on a sunny day, a group of employees working out together, an event sponsored by Schomp… The list goes on.

Jim Biner, Schomp ambassador:
almost 40 years on staff

What is it like to work for Schomp Automotive?

Jim Biner: I don’t know that there’s a nicer family in our industry. I’ve put my heart and soul into it because they allow me to do the things that I believe in and they have been so super to their employees. It’s a job, but it’s one where you work things out and you get so much from. They more you give, the more they give back. You cannot out-give them. This is a great family to get tied in with and I’m fortunate to have stumbled into it.

You’re heavily involved in Schomp’s efforts of giving back to the community. Tell us a little about that.

JB: I have been a big part of starting a lot of it so it’s been fun. Lisa [Schomp] has always had a philosophy – and it looks like Aaron [Wallace, fourth generation owner of Schomp Automotive] is following the same thing – that we’re not going to send someone money [for a charity or fundraiser], we’re going to send people. We’re not going to buy our way into the community, we’re going to show up.

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