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May 14th, 2015 by

10 Celebs Who Love MINI

The MINI brand is iconic. From the 1960s to today, the MINI has made headlines for being unique, original, “Not Normal” and plain fun. But the MINI brand offers more than love at first sight. For MINIacs, we love the MINI brand not only because of its look but because of how reliable, tech savvy and powerful it can be. It can zip you through the city, get you up a snowy mountain with ease, and do it all smoothly and stylishly. So it’s no wonder that not only do us hard-working city citizens love MINI, but celebs love it as well. From seeing the MINI on the big screen to seeing it drive through Hollywood with an A-list celeb inside, even the most glamorous people today love the adventurous and curious nature of MINI. Here are 10 celebrity MINIacs:

Jimmy Fallon


Donatella Versace

Mindy Kaling


Ringo Starr


Harry Styles


Lily Allen


Fernando Torres


Lauren Conrad


Goldie Hawn


Elijah Wood


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