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April 21st, 2015 by

5 People Who Drive MINIs

There are many different types of MINIacs out there. Some like the city, some head to the mountains every chance they get and some are a mix of both. We all have different personalities and passions when it comes to MINI and Schomp MINI loves this unique MINI family. Today we’re highlighting a few of the most common MINIacs in Colorado. Which one are you?

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5 types of Colorado MINIacs

The MINI Socialite

All of us MINIacs have a little of the MINI Socialite in us, but this Socialite goes that extra mile to meet every MINIac at events, plan some of their own and polish the MINI for a random meet-up. The MINI Socialite knows everything about the sport of MINI, so consider them a human MINI dictionary.

The Artist

The Artist in MINI culture is just that: cultural. The Artist loves to get work done on their MINI often, from custom paint to accessories that let their MINI shine that much more. The Artist might not be one professionally, but you can count on an exciting MINI from this MINIac.

The Mountaineer

Every MINI model can offer an adventure whether it’s through a desert or up to the mountains. The Mountaineer is a couple days shy of a full on mountain man. This MINI owner can be found in the mountains most weekends, holidays and birthdays. The MINI Countryman can be your best companion, getting you through snow during harsh winters, and through the city during a busy traffic jam – both in style.

The Furry Friend Owner

Most of us are owners of animals, but the Furry Friend Owner is one for life. If they’re going on a quick errand, the Furry Friend Owner will give their pet the ride of their life with the windows down and an extra lap around the block.

The City Dweller

For the City Dweller, an afternoon drive through Denver’s streets is as comforting as the sound of the ocean. Windows down and sunroof open, the City Dweller spends their time on patios for brunch, art galleries for openings and browsing the streets for their sense of adventure.

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