Countryman: Size, Space and Appeal

June 25th, 2013 by


MINI Cooper Countryman: Size, Space and Appeal

What has four doors, can get up to 35 mpg, and comes in 10 different colors? It’s the MINI Cooper Countryman, of course. Just when you thought the MINI Cooper couldn’t get any better – and couldn’t get bigger – it has.

The seven airbags with an air curtain system protect up to five passengers. And the Countryman has enough cargo storage for all of those passengers, too. What appears to be small – yet bigger than the original model of the MINI Cooper – has a very roomy interior. In case you’re needing room for camping gear, a couple of big dogs, or you need to turn your Countryman into a moving truck, there are four flat folding seats inside, making all of that possible.

To give you an idea of its size, the MINI Cooper Countryman is about the length of a Honda Fit, and is only one and a half feet shorter than a Toyota Rav4 – and it gets better gas mileage than both of them.

The only contemplative decision you’ll have to make when purchasing a Countryman is where to take it first. Check back tomorrow for ideas of where to ‘Drive Out Loud’ with your all-new Countryman.

In the meantime, find your MINI Cooper Countryman online HERE.

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