Denver Fashion Weekend Fall 2014

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Interview with Designer Stephanie O.

Schomp MINI is presenting Denver Fashion Weekend for the 10th year in a row this fall. The three-night event takes place on November 13, 15-16 at City Hall on Broadway. Night one is Burton and local menswear. Night two is dedicated to local fashion, and night three is the Hair Show.

Local designer Stephanie O. will be showcasing her spring/summer 2015 collection on night two, which is Saturday, November 15. Schomp MINI interviewed Stephanie about what we can expect on the runway, where she draws her inspiration, and what it was like to be a contestant on “Under the Gunn.”

Tell us about when you realized you wanted to be a designer.

Stephanie O.: I have always had the designer itch. When I was seven, I started creating clothing and other fun things for my dolls and pets. I then moved on to making clothes for myself. It was very empowering to make quality clothes that I was proud to wear. Now that passion has turned into a thriving business.

Who did you grow up idolizing in the fashion industry?

I was a big reader of Vogue as a kid. Every designer in that magazine was quite the big deal to me. But I really watched for the new designs from those like the late Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.

Who is your favorite designer nowadays?

Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Donna Karen and J.W. Anderson

You were on “Under the Gunn” — was this a good learning experience as a designer?

Every opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone is a great learning experience in my book. I learned from the judges, mentors and other designers.

What is like to film a reality show?

Filming a reality show is a bit like learning how sausage is made. The mystery is more exciting but I would definitely do it again.

To you, what is the fashion industry like in Denver?

The best part about the industry in Denver is that it is ever evolving and emerging with its own voice that continues to grow and become more sustainable.

Tell us about the collection you’re showcasing at DFW.

This show is the launch of my Spring/Summer 2015 collection. It is a mix of contrasts to highlight architectural details that create a tailored and feminine silhouette.

Besides the fashion, what can we expect from your segment on Saturday, November 15?

A great show!

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