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Meet the Food Vendors at Denver Fashion Weekend 2015

Denver Fashion Weekend presented by Schomp Automotive has a fashion lineup that is sure to impress and inspire some spring/summer trends. Each night has an array of designers and brands ready to hit the runway, but we’re also excited about what’s to come before the big show begins.

Each night, Denver Fashion Weekend will host a cocktail party where boutiques, activities and food vendors will set up shop to offer an interactive activity before the runway segments begin. Whether you shop around, dance to the DJ or eat your way through the building, there’s something for everyone.

If you show up to DFW hungry, there will be food vendors each night to satisfy your taste buds. Find out which restaurants are this year’s DFW vendors and prepare your stomach for a culinary adventure.


On Thursday, April 30, South Broadway spot Lena will serve small bites of its award-winning Latin American cuisine. Known for its small plates to share and killer brunch, Lena was named one of 303 Magazine’s top new restaurants of 2015. According to 303, the “flaky empanadas, zesty ceviches and smoky house-made meats” are the items to try. After looking at the photos and menu, we won’t disagree one bit.



Also making an appearance on Thursday, April 30 is one of downtown’s favorites spots, Lower48. Located on Lawrence Street, L48 offers modern American cuisine with fresh ingredients and flare to match. The joint has its menu full of small bite items as well, including dried celery root, a modernized corn dog and even a potato cake.


From well-known local chefs John DePierro and Michael Nevarez, comes MiJo, a collection of noodle bowls, rice bowls and other Japanese-Inspired items. But instead of being an hour long sit-down meal, MiJo is meant to be sped up as a more get in, get out experience. With this pace, MiJo is sure to delight guests at DFW by handing out small portions quickly.

Marley Coffee


Need a pick-me-up at DFW? Look for further than the newest addition to the lineup, Marley Coffee – which is located downtown but will get swept up to City Hall during DFW. Featuring fresh, organic coffee, espressos and organic teas and smoothies, Marley is one of our new favorites. It may be small, but Marley’s powerful coffee beans will be sure to keep you on your feet all weekend long.

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