Gentlemen – and Women, too – Start Your Virtual Engines in the MINIVerse!

September 6th, 2022 by


MINI has a new way for its fans to have fun…in the MINIVerse. It’s a virtual way to customize and race a virtual MINI against others in the Metaverse.


This is the first venture of an automotive brand into the world of virtual reality. It’s a thrilling collaboration of MINI USA, creative agency Pereira O’Dell, and Meta Horizon Worlds. “The MINI brand is all about fun and has always stood apart from others in how it brings this fun to life in cheeky and unconventional ways,” said MINI USA’s Brand Communications Manager, Rah Mahtani. 


In the virtual social world of MINIVerse, imagine being able to customize your own MINI, with your favorite colors, striping, and bonnet, and then dressing up for the racetrack in your choice of racing suits. MINIVerse’s gravity-defying track accommodates up to four drivers at a time and spectators can engage with them by blocking, sending their cars flying off a ramp or boost their favorite driver’s speed. The more races won, the more MINI vehicles can be unlocked by drivers as they race their way to the top of the leaderboard. 


There are multiple ways to get into the MINIVerse. The fullest experience is through Meta Horizon Worlds, a free social experience in immersive virtual reality. “Nicky Bell, VP, Global Head of Creative Shop for Meta Horizon Worlds said, “We’re excited for people to jump into the MINIVerse and connect with fellow MINI drivers…the MINIVerse is a great example of how brands can partner with these pioneering VR creators to bring a community together…”


The MINIVerse can also be accessed on a mobile phone through a new Facebook and Instagram AR effect.


The MINIVerse extends MINI’s recognized creativity and fun into the world of virtual reality. It’s just another way that MINI is setting itself apart from the crowd. 

Schomp MINI strives to set ourselves apart from the crowd, too. We have fun doing what we do and share that with our customers. We’re eager to try out racing our own tricked-out MINIs in the MINIVerse, and hope we’ll see you there!

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