Schomp MINI joins MINI 5280 Club

July 26th, 2013 by

Schomp MINI joins the MINI 5280 Club

If you have a MINI Cooper, you know already that it’s ‘Not Normal,’ like the campaign, and that being a MINI owner is more like being a part of an exclusive club, and less like driving a car for the sake of it. MINIs are stylish, unique and they’re seen all over zooming around the city, winding around the tight curves of the mountains, and taking its drivers on a long list of road trips.

So, Schomp MINI is announcing that because of the MINI’s uniqueness and how us owners feel about our rides, we’re joining the MINI 5280 club. And only people fascinated by the MINI Cooper can join in on the fun of the MINI 5280 club. Events, activities and monthly newsletters are among the benefits of the club, and it’s only getting better every month.

Remember the term ‘cruising,’ where you’d drive up and down the street showing off your whip? Well, the MINI 5280 club partakes in cruising – tomorrow night, to be more accurate. From 6-11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, Longmont will in sense be taken over by MINIs. Cruising, a BBQ, chatting about cars – all the things MINI owners love doing, in one parking lot. Located in the Keller Williams 1st Reality parking lot on Main St. and Mountain View, the Longmont Cruise Night will be relaxing, fun and a great way to talk MINI with fellow MINI drivers.

For more information, head to the MINI 5280 website HERE or the Facebook page HERE.

Check out the Schomp MINI Facebook page HERE for photos, event information and throwbacks.

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