MINI Art Beat Takes it to the Streets of London

August 13th, 2013 by

MINI Art Beat Takes it to the Streets of London August 5-19

NOT NORMAL is the mindset that has guided MINI for over 50 years. It keeps your foot on the gas and your spirit ablaze. NOT NORMAL doesn’t put art in a museum – it takes it to the street. Show us your style, pick your sound, and see your creation on the MINI Art Beat car as it drives through London.”

For over 50 years, the NOT NORMAL campaign has taken MINI to a whole other level. Photos of a MINI Cooper with a giant rubber ducky on top of it, a MINI Cooper in a wheat field, and a MINI underwater are just a few of the NOT NORMAL works of art that have come out. And that’s just it – MINI is all about art. From sponsoring music events like the UnderGround Music Showcase in Denver to MINIs in the Mountains last week, MINI and Schomp MINI support art and events around the world.

Starting on August 5, a MINI Cooper Countryman dressed in over 48,000 hi-res LED bulbs took it to the streets of London to showcase clips that are fan-made from all over the world. The MINI Art Beat is an expression of MINI’s NOT NORMAL campaign by creating art that has yet to be seen.

What’s even more captivating is that you can still take a short video of yourself and enter it into the running to appear on the Countryman during the dark nights between now and August 19th in London. The drive can been seen LIVE on the MINI Art Beat Facebook page HERE.

Think you’re creative enough to make it on the LED-lit MINI Cooper Countryman in London? Submit your entry HERE by doing the following:

Create your video or photo.
Design your MINI Art Beat.
Go LIVE on the streets of London with their web stream.
Watch your clip and upload it to your YouTube!
See the complete instructions and an example below:

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