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January 29th, 2015 by

Schomp MINI’s 5 Favorite Instagram Photos

In June of last year, Schomp MINI’s social media expanded from Facebook into Google + and Instagram. We’ve had so much fun connecting with our fans and fellow MINIacs, posting special announcements, events and awesome photography.

The Schomp MINI Instagram page is a fun way to show off some of the MINIs we have available at the dealership, along with posting some fan photos and photos from events we’re at. If you’ve never checked out the page, you’re missing out on fun content of MINIs, accessories and more. To show off a little what we do on our Instagram page, we’re showing you a few of our favorite photos from the page.

Schomp MINI at the DAM

Schomp MINI loves getting involved in the arts. From presenting Denver Fashion Weekend to interviewing local bands that are participating in the UMS, we love being around creative people in Denver. This photo was taken in front of the Denver Art Museum back in May.

A Snowy Day with MINI

While the East Coast is experiencing a ton of snow that would cover MINIs, we use toy MINIs here in Denver to show off our weather. The toy MINIs have traveled all over Colorado, even in other places across the nation.

A MINI at Dusk

What do you think – is the MINI more beautiful than a Colorado sunset? We think so, or at least we did in this photo because we couldn’t take our eyes off this car.

MINI in the Mountains

Yes, the MINI drives well in the city. But in the mountains – it kicks ass. This photo was taken in the Fall when the leaves started changing their colors. That green matches perfectly with Colorado’s seasonal beauty.

The All-New Love Hope Strength MINI

This photo was taken just this week when the all-new LHS MINI arrived in NYC! It will be traveling throughout the U.S. raising awareness about Love Hope Strength, an organization that brings together bone marrow donors to those who need that life-saving transplant.

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