LHS Celebrates 100K Registrants

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LHS Celebrates 100K Registrants

If you aren’t familiar with the “Get on the List” campaign, it’s something you should seriously consider being a part of. For the past few years, Schomp MINI has partnership with Love Hope Strength to support its mission to “Save Lives, One Concert at a Time.” When LHS attends concerts, festivals and other events, it spreads the word to get people to sign up for the international bone marrow database that tries to find matches to save someone from a life-threatening illness. LHS has matched thousands of people with donors so far and we couldn’t be more proud of LHS for its life-saving work.

Love Hope Strength not only puts the list together of donors but also organizes teams to donate medical supplies and build and assist those who need care. Last year, LHS sent 11 nurses and caregivers Tanzania with 1,200 pounds of supplies. LHS assisted with patient care and provided additional funds for oncology doctors.

The effort that Love Hope Strength is putting forward has been supported by numerous bands, artists and celebrities. We caught up with LHS’ Katie Poppert to hear about the latest events, what’s coming up next as LHS celebrates 100k registrants.

Andrew McMahon recently performed a Love Hope Strength Lounge show. What was that like?

Katie Poppert: It was very meaningful because Andrew is a leukemia/BMT transplant survivor himself and has been a HUGE advocate for our Get on the List program, allowing us to sign up hundreds of his fans.

You recently broke 100,000 registrants. How does this feel?

KP: This is a major accomplishment made possible by the hundreds of volunteers, musicians, venues, promoters and sponsors. Every time we add another person to the registry, we are giving hope to those in need of a match for a lifesaving transplant. Here’s to the next 100k!

How many matches have there been?

KP: To date, 1,878.

Tell us about the upcoming ROCKS event on September 26th.

KP: Red Rocks ROCKS will be an amazing day of music, hiking and inspiration. All funds raised will go to support of Get on the List campaign, ensuring we can continue to find matches for those with blood cancers and other diseases where a bone marrow transplant is the only hope for a cure.

Is this the first event of its kind?

KP: This is the first ‘Rocks’ event we’ve hosted at Red Rocks, as we’ve been in Vail for Vail Rocks for the past several years. We’re excited for this to be a bit more accessible to our Denver area supporters, as well as for the opportunity for out-of-state hikers to enjoy the beauty of the iconic amphitheater and surrounding areas.

Learn more about other upcoming events from Love Hope Strength.

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