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MINI Is a Creative Automobile for Creative People

From its beginning in 1957, MINI was all about creativity. In response to an international oil crisis, the British needed a small car that didn’t use a lot of gasoline and was appealing and fun to drive. The result was the MINI. Racing legend John Cooper took the basic design and kicked it up a notch, turning MINI into a race and rally car. In the 1960s MINI symbolized all things British, driven around London by The Beatles and used as a backdrop by the famous model, Twiggy. Peter Sellers drove a MINI in “A Shot in the Dark,” and MINIs were prominently featured in “The Italian Job,” “The Bourne Identity” and “Austin Powers.”

American stars such as Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Stewart and Katie Holmes have all owned MINIs, as have fashion icons like Donatella Versace and Roberto Cavalli, and tough guys like Steve McQueen and Tony Hawk. All these creative people have appreciated MINI’s distinctive, iconic style, performance and quick handling. When they wanted to express their creativity in their choice of cars, they chose MINI. The brand continues to be the choice of creative people everywhere, including here in Colorado.

Colorado seems to draw creative people from all walks of life. And while they may do different things, they share some commonalities that can easily be seen in the profiles of the individuals showcased here. They have a zest for living and try to make the most out every day. They’re full of adventure and are entrepreneurial. They are distinctly individual, which is undoubtedly one of the things that brought them to choose MINI. It’s a car that can be tailored to each person’s individual tastes and spirit. It’s a car that knows how to get the most out of itself.

I love the MINI because it’s both utilitarian and a performance automobile. When it was first designed it looked generic but drove like a racecar. It’s comfortable but it doesn’t lose its spirit. It’s distinctive. It’s individual. It’s like nothing else on the road. It’s also a true Colorado Creative.

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