Meet 8 of Schomp MINI’s Top MINIacs of 2015

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Meet 8 of Schomp MINI’s Top MINIacs of 2015

There are many different types of MINIacs out there. Some like the city, some head to the mountains every chance they get and some are a mix of both. We all have different personalities and passions when it comes to MINI and Schomp MINI loves this unique MINI family.

Throughout the year, Schomp MINI hosts several events to get this MINIac family together. From tailgating at a Broncos game to rallies throughout Colorado, we love getting together to show off our MINIs, hear MINI stories and see all of the unique MINIs lined up.

Today, we’re introducing you to a group of MINIacs that we’ve met throughout the past few years. Tell us your story on the Schomp MINI Facebook page!

Chris Chappell, Littleton: 2007 Cooper S Hard Top

“It became an epic journey of salvation. MINI has kind of saved my life. You know when you’re injured like me, where you have a spinal cord injury, you’re paralyzed, in my case quadriplegia, there’s not a whole lot of options out there in terms of drivable cars.”

“As the story goes I got my MINI, and then it just took off from there. I didn’t realize there was this entire subculture of MINI, there was this underground community that did amazing events and all kinds of fun stuff.”

“With MINI, from 2007 all the way up, I equate the car with fun, I equate the car with just absolute enjoyment and it’s been that way for 82,000 miles in my little MINI and it’s been a wonderful ride.”

“Schomp MINI has been amazing and they’ve been a wonderful, wonderful partner with me and with my family, too.”

“Schomp has been wonderful, the from mechanical side, from the service side, from the sales side…we’ve had nothing but good experiences. For me, I don’t go anywhere else for my MINI products.”

Chris Pittman, Littleton: 2012 Clubman (just bought a 2016 Cooper S Hardtop)

“So I was shopping for a new car, I had a couple brands in mind and decided to go to the MINI dealership. I ran into Devin while I was there and he let me go on a test drive. It was one test drive – that’s all it took. I came back the next day and ordered by car. It was too much fun, I couldn’t say no to it.”

“My experience at Schomp MINI from day one just has been utterly fantastic. From coming for oil changes to getting loaner cars while our car got worked on, I can’t say enough good things about Schomp MINI.”

“You really can’t go wrong with a MINI. There’s no other car like it for sale right now, something that’s just that much fun, that unique, that different than everything else. It’s bar none, the only one like it.”

“I want to say thanks to Schomp MINI for all the years of great service, and the commitment to customer service, you guys have done a fantastic job.”

Rodney Clang, Denver: 2015 2-Door Hardtop

“We were first introduced to MINI brand and MINI Cooper through a family member who was very enthusiastic about his car, and we stared noticing MINIs around and the fun they must be to drive. We actually ran into a group of MINI enthusiasts at a fair ground that we were at and just saw a sea full of MINI with all of the options and customization and it looked so fun for us that we had to keep pursing the idea.”

“From the time that we visited we were treated from each person in here like we were their most important person on the site. From test driving, through the paper work, through the follow-up and service, and the highlight of it for me was a visit were Devin went out of his way to meet us at a location that was convent to us to teach us about all the features of the each car – I just can’t say enough about that experience. ”

DeeDee Clang, Denver: 2015 Countryman

“I came from having a mini van that was old and falling apart and you know it was kind of like one of those mid-life crisis cars where you want to get rid of anything that would be mini van-ish and I wanted something fun and peppy and exciting and MINI did that for me. It’s been the most fun driving that I’ve ever had.”

Jamie Shope, Thornton: 2014 Cooper S Roadster

“I first saw the MINIs and I just fell in love with them. It took me three years before I was able to get one, and then I fell in love and knew within three days I would own a MINI – they’re just so much fun”

“Schomp MINI is absolutely the best! I bought both of my cars there – the service department is great, anytime I need anything it’s taken care of spot-on, and they’re wonderful. I ask everyone to go to Schomp because they’re the best.”

“The service department is wonderful, the sales people are wonderful, you just can’t go wrong by going to Schomp MINI.”

Lisa Roebuck, Greenwood Village: 2015 MINI Cooper Convertible

“I’ve always loved the way the MINIs looked.”

“The car has been amazing, all three of them have been amazing. They purr, they’re quite, they’re comfortable. I love the convertible; I love the one button push.”

“It makes a perfect parallel parker out of anyone…the cars are fantastic! I can fit into places other people can only dream about. I really love everything about my MINI and don’t think I’ll ever buy other car, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy from another dealer either. I’ve had a great experience!”

“I didn’t feel any pressure or pushed toward an option, it was all about what did I like, what did I want, what worked for me.”

“Thanks Schomp MINI for taking care of me and all of my MINIs over all the years. I’ve really had a great experience and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

Michael Fox, Parker: Frozen Black 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman

“I’ve been a MINI fan since the ’60s. When I saw the original MINI I fell in love with it.”

“Schomp came highly recommended from anybody that is experienced with them. They have nothing but positive things, and to me that was very important when I went to buy a car. I wanted a car that was reliable but I also wanted a company that stands behind their car.”

“The experience of buying was absolutely painless; they were phenomenal. We were in and out in a minimal amount of time, they didn’t cut corners, I didn’t feel rushed. I felt that they took my desires into consideration to provide me the right car with the right financing and everything. So from the purchasing, through the preparations, for any maintenance that I’ve had so far it’s been first class the whole way. That was what I expected and that’s what I got.”

Russell Anderson, Aurora: 2012 Coupe

“I like the styling, I love the looks, the handling, the speed, the pick-up. It just handles incredibly well. And I kind of like the attention that it draws – everywhere I go someone’s asking about it, thinks it’s the coolest car they’ve ever seen, and just asks a lot of questions. It’s kinda fun to chat MINI with other people that are not familiar with it.”

“Schomp MINI is an incredible dealership. I’ve purchases four cars from them. They’ve treated us incredibly well, always taken care of our problems. I would highly recommend them to anybody that is considering purchasing the brand – just love it!”


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