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5 MINI Art Cars You Should Know About

By now you’ve heard of MINI’s collection of Art Cars and new ones pop up everyday. Whether they’re showcased in museums around the world or they were custom made for a MINI Art Car lover, Art Cars are becoming more of a trend, and are creating different art forms, too.

Schomp MINI has featured MINI Art Cars in the past, but today we’re highlighting some that we’ve never showed you before – some that are so unique that they might not even be considered an “Art Car.” From window art on a MINI to a deconstructed MINI that you’ll want to showcase in your home, here are some interesting MINI art forms that you’ll want to look over and over.

Deconstructed MINI

Link to source | featured image “Orange and Blue Car” by Cassandra Lillard 

Dutch furniture designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings deconstructed a Mini in order to showcase the car as an art form seen never before. Instead of turning a classic Mini into a work of art on the outside, the pair deconstructed a Mini and “peeled the Mini One like an onion, layer by layer.”

“Wash Me” Art Cars

Schomp MINI has featured the “Wash Me” Art Cars before, but what if you could keep a collection of several of these, all to yourself? Art director and photographer Nico Ammann released only 2,000 limited edition collections of the “Wash Me” cars, but chances are you’ll be able to find one auctioned off online. The book was published by MINI Switzerland and features only the coolest “Wash Me” cars around.

Alan Aldridge Mini


Known as ‘The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes,’ Alan Aldridge created this interesting an psychedelic MINI art car, which was displayed at the Design Museum of London. Recognize his style? You might have seen his work if you’re a Beatles fan, because he illustrated lyric books for the band.

Yayoi Kusama’s Custom MINI


Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama wanted her own car that represented her art and character – and the result is something we’d like to represent us, too. Artnet magazine featured Kusama and her custom-made MINI. We’d like to see this thing on the streets for sure.

Mona Lisa Window Art on MINI


We’ve never seen a MINI Art Car or anything art-related like this before. Artist Scott Wade has made headlines around the world by turning dirty cars into works of art. He created the Mona Lisa inside the back window of a MINI. Wade created a whole new art form and we just wish we could showcase this MINI inside the Schomp dealership! Wade created this simply with his fingers and an assortment of brushes.

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