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August 6th, 2015 by

5 Must-have MINI Camping Accessories for Coloradans

You have the tent, some snacks and the location your MINI is taking you on your camping trip. But are you forgetting anything else?

Camping is fun, athletic and adventurous, and the MINI perfectly pairs with this athletic lifestyle. However, there are a few ways you can protect your MINI while in the great outdoors, plus there are some awesome accessories that’ll provide convenience on the road.

Here are 5 things to pack in your MINI for a Colorado camping trip:

MINI Roof Box

Schomp MINI’s price: $575.00

Taking a lot of equipment or games with you on your trip? If your MINI is full of people, packing gear and the dog, you’ll need somewhere else to add in extra fun. Keep your items safe by storing them in the aerodynamic, MINI-centric Roof Box that features a black or silver tray and your choice of either black or silver metallic covers. The roof rack base support sold separately.

Speedwell Blue Universal Protective Cover

Available through Shop MINI USA: $184.00

Whether you have a small dog or what some may call a horse, dogs all shed at least a little. Plus, dogs are genuinely the ones that get the most dirty while camping. Protect the seats of your MINI with this protective car cover, that coincidentally comes in fun patterns and colors. The nice thing about this cover is that you can also remove it once at your destination, and use it as a picnic blanket.

MINI Jackets

Available through Shop MINI USA: $162.00+

This time of year, it starts getting cold at night while camping. You could even see snow up there! Keep warm with his and her MINI jackets that will keep you warm and stylish the whole trip. MINI has a whole collection of apparel, so you can even find a whole outfit!

MINI Bicycle Holder

Available through Shop MINI USA: $675.00

On this camping trip, don’t leave your bike at home. Instead, take advantage of one of the many bike trails Colorado has to offer. MINI makes many different styles of bike racks. This MINI Bicycle Holder is probably the highest rated because of how protective it is of your equipment, not to mention being on the back of your MINI instead of on top. Drive in style and get your bike to wherever you’re going with protection and sophistication.

MINI Interior Cleaner

Available through Shop MINI USA: $6.oo

After a long day outside or being in the car for hours on end, your MINI might possibly start to look and smell like the great outdoors. Plus, it’s hard to keep track of where mud, drool from your dog and other messes acquired from a trip go when getting in and out. Keep your MINI protected with interior cleaner. This can clean the seats to get off stains, not to mention getting out that distinctive camping smell.

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