MINI Christmas Videos

December 18th, 2014 by

4 MINI Christmas Videos That’ll Make You Smile

When it comes to ads, MINI is pretty cleaver and creative. We’ve shown off some of our favorite ads before, but we recently found a whole different group of videos that we can’t wait to share. Today marks just one week from Christmas day and if you still don’t have a gift for that someone special on your list – or maybe that person happens to be yourself – a MINI would definitely draw a few happy tears and make this Christmas one to remember for years to come. From a classic Mini video to one of the best surprise MINIs, here are a few MINI videos we know you’ll love.

Anna Gets a MINI

Believe it or not, we get excited every time someone gets a new MINI. There’s just something about this gift that’s priceless and a surprise MINI is probably a gift no one will ever forget. In this video, Anna gets a MINI for a surprise gift and her excitement it contagious. If you’re stumped on what to get that special someone this year, we think this video is proof that the best gift is a MINI.

MINI Cooper Christmas Box

A few years ago, a marketing team in the Nederlands decided to have an experiment where they leave a box in the streets that hints at a new MINI. People are curious for sure, and they can’t help but want to know what’s inside that big box. What would you do if you saw that under your tree?

Classic Mini Kiss

At Schomp MINI, we appreciate the classics. This video is dedicated to the classic Mini and it shows a little Christmas spirit.

Your MINI is Parked Here.

We love this ad because it reminds us of holiday shopping. Have you ever parked in a giant lot or parking garage and you can’t find your MINI? Sure, they’re little and might hide behind an SUV. MINI drivers at this mall got an extra surprise when they came out to find a big, bright balloon telling them where their MINI is parked. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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