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4 Upcoming Mountain Events This January

The Winter has arrived with several inches of snow all over the city. Although it’s nice to get snowed in sometimes, we know you and your MINI can’t sit still for long. Whether you’re on the slopes every weekend or you’d rather watch the professionals take it to the slope, there are several winter competition events taking place all over Colorado in the next month. From the iconic X Games in Aspen to the interesting ULLR Fest adorned with viking hats, here are 4 events to head to the mountains for this January.

Surefoot Ski Cup – Alpine Ski Racing

  • January 10-12 | More info

courtesy of the Winter Park Facebook page | featured image courtesy of Motor Trend

If you love a winter competition with talented athletes, Winter Park is hosting the Surefoot Ski Cup on January 10-12. Some of the fastest young skiers from all over will compete over three days, including the Surefoot Giant Slalom run. This will be an alpine ski racing competition, which is fun to watch and cheer on the young athletes! The competitions will take place starting at 9:00 a.m. until noon.


  • January 11-17 | More info

The vikings are rolling into Breckenridge, Colorado on January 11 for one week of ULLR chaos. The slopes will be decorated with viking hats and costumes, and competitions will run throughout the week, including Ullympic competitors flinging frying pans for prizes. Each year, 12,000 more than Ullr enthusiasts fill the streets for the parade. You never know what you’ll see at the ULLR Parade as last year they saw participants skiing off jumps on Main Street or hot tub floats.

2015 X Games Aspen

  • January 23-25 | More info

The X Games comes back to Aspen in 2015 for an amazing weekend of snowboarding, freeskiing, snowmobiling, eSports, music and so much more. Join thousands and the favorited winter sports are celebrated with a little competition and music flows throughout. This year, Skrillex, Wiz Khalifa, Chromeo and Snoop Dogg will take the stage, making this Snoop’s first year at X Games.


  • January 24-25 | More info

Looking for a unique winter experience in the heart of Copper Mountain? Join hundreds as WinterBike comes back for another year. Join in the bike race down the slippery, snowy streets as people race to the finish line, fall down and have fun in the great outdoors of Copper. There’s a race for kids as well. If you aren’t interesting in entreating the competition, you can always watch the others!

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