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March 26th, 2015 by

An Exclusive Look at the Denver Auto Show’s MINI Container

If you didn’t get to experience the 2015 Burton US Open a couple weeks ago, you not only missed out on exceptional skill and talent, you missed getting a glimpse of the new MINI container. But for your viewing pleasure, we have an exclusive look inside and out of this massive container.

Here’s a glimpse of the MINI container before it arrives at the Denver Auto Show on April 8-12.

Upon first look, the MINI container looks like a building of sorts, bur not something that was constructing using containers that were once used for shipping. It’s completely black on the outside, besides the white arrows leading you inside.

At the Burton US Open, this container was the perfect place to get away from the cold, as it is equipped with a fireplace, cozy seating areas, and it offers pure warmth. At the Denver Auto Show, it’ll be the coolest place to sneak away from all the noise and escape to a small MINI town of urban design. Inside, there’s also a MINI photo booth. Get to know some of the MINIs by reading up on MINI materials throughout the container.

If you’re heading to the Denver Auto Show on April 8-12 at the Colorado Convention Center, be sure to stop by and check out the MINI container. It a place where MINIacs can chat up all things MINI, along with escaping the crowds.

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