Which MINI Cooper Persona Are You?

June 9th, 2016 by
By Schomp Mini


MINIs are more than just cars; they’re an immersive lifestyle experience. Heading down Colorado’s city streets, highways and mountain roads, MINI owners wave to one another. Whether intently or not, your new or pre-owned MINI Cooper becomes an extension of your personality. Don’t change who you are because of what you drive – rather, choose what you drive based on who you are. Take a look below to see which MINI model fits you best, then head down to Schomp MINI in Highlands Ranch to take a test drive of your next soul mate!


2-Door Hardtop – “The Club Racer”
Twisty mountain roads and track meets on the weekends, workaday commute during the week. You juggle an active, fun-filled lifestyle with daily practicality. Driving is an art, and MINI is a lifestyle – grab both by the reigns and motor on with the iconic MINI Cooper or Cooper S 2-Door Hardtop.


4-Door Hardtop – “The Urban Influencer”
Your modern loft flanks your favorite coffee shop to the left, and your office to the right. Never one to settle for a 9-5, your creative mindset is brewing 24/7. Creativity and constructed chaos – what’s life without a little fun? Experience life from the driver’s seat of the MINI Cooper or Cooper S 4-Door Hardtop.


Countryman ALL4 – “The Adventurer”
I-25 and E470 are so mundane – you can’t wait until Friday. When the day comes, your family packs in (dog and all), and heads due west. The road to the campground is rough, but you can handle it. You’re ready for anything; an adventurer in every sense of the word. Head into the mountains and beyond with the rugged, versatile and capable MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4.


Convertible – “The Thrill Seeker”
Every new day holds the key to new discoveries. Art galleries, good restaurants, conversation with close friends – being a socialite is a full-time job. Yet when you need to disappear, you’ll find a long stretch of blacktop and cut loose, top down, wind in your hair. There’s no better feeling. Have more fun in the sun with the all-new MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible models.


Clubman ALL4 – “Smart Premium”
You’ve established a family, but committed to never, ever give up the notion of fun. You appreciate life’s finer touches; aware of substance and quality, you have a knack for forward-thinking style. Never one to succumb to the status quo, you’ve spent your entire life defying labels. The 2017 MINI Cooper S Clubman ALL4 is your next opportunity.

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