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May 27th, 2015 by

5 ways to make your MINI dog-friendly

Summer is all about spending time with the whole family, dogs included. Whether you’re heading up to the mountains for a camping trip, driving across the country for a vacation, or just driving to the dog park and back, bringing the dog along on your MINI adventure can add more wear and tear inside your MINI. Plus, being prepared to keep your dog happy and healthy inside your MINI is important, too.

To make your MINI dog-friendly for summer trips, there are a few accessories that we highly recommend. First, keep your dog safe with accessories that have been crash tested. Then, being able to keep your MINI clean is a priority.

Speedwell Blue Universal Protective Cover

$184.oo | purchase here

Whether you have a small dog or what some may call a horse, dogs all shed at least a little. Plus, with all this rain, your dog’s paws are sure to find the nearest mud pond as soon as they’re out of the car. Protect the seats of your car with this protective car cover, that coincidentally comes in fun patterns and colors. The nice thing about this cover is that you can also remove it once at your destination, and use it as a picnic blanket.

Travel Right Easy Rider Car Harnesses

$16.99 | purchase here

No matter how long your dog is in the car for, safety should be a priority. If your dog likes to jump throughout the car, it could be unsafe for them, not to mention distracting for you. There are many safety harnesses out there, but this one is crash-tested, can easily buckle into your seatbelt, and isn’t pricey. Safety first!

MINI Interior Cleaner

$6.00 | purchase here

After a long day at the dog park or being in the car for hours on end, your MINI might possibly start to smell with a wet dog in the backseat. Plus, it’s hard to keep track of where drool, mud and other dog messes go when getting in and out. Keep your MINI protected with interior cleaner. This can clean the seats to get off stains, not to mention getting out that distinctive puppy smell.

K&H SUV Dog Bed

$31.99+ | purchase here

If you’re camping out in your MINI or your dog is in for a long ride, consider getting a dog bed that is made to fit in the backseat or even in the rear. Coming in two sizes, this dog bed is non-slip and will keep your dog comfortable for a long ride of sleeping.

Lixit Water Boy Travel Bottle with Bowl – 3 qt

$14.79 | purchase here

Hydration is important for everyone during the summer, including your dog. Instead of stopping every half an hour or so, get this water bowl that can easily be filled up and won’t spill all over your MINI. Your dog will stay hydrated and your MINI will stay dry. We just can’t promise they won’t need to use the restroom every mile or so.

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