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Schomp MINI’s Guide to the MINI Language

If you drive a MINI, you know that the MINI life is a little different than anything else. When a MINI drives down the street, it turns heads and sparks a curiosity. For some of us, that curiosity is what encouraged us to buy a MINI of our own. For others, perhaps you’ve been a part of this lifestyle for some time now.

Either way, as a MINI owner, you know that not only does the MINI look, feel and drive differently than other cars out there, it has a certain swag and even language all its own.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common words used in the MINI dictionary. From what we call ourselves in this MINI tribe to the event that we look forward to every year, you’ll probably recognize these words, if not use them yourself daily.


…an enthusiast, usually fanatic of the MINI Cooper, or any of the original Mini models.

— Urban Dictionary

Whether you realize it or not, if you consider the MINI tribe a lifestyle more than just the driving of a car, you’re a MINIac. You probably have named your MINI, you’re in some kind of MINI club, and you probably participate in a rally every year, whether it’s Motor-Tober or one organized elsewhere than through Schomp MINI. A MINIac is proud to own a MINI, and isn’t afraid to brag a little.


…a yearly event that brings together MINI enthusiasts for a day (or two) of a rally, MINI-themed get-together, and a test drive

— Schomp MINI

If you’ve never been to Motor-Tober before, it’s basically a rally event where MINI lovers from all over the nation come together to drive and live MINI for a fantastic weekend together. Schomp MINI has participated in Motor-Tober since the beginning, which is seven years now.

2014 Schomp MINI Motor-Tober at Red Rocks

It’s a great way to meet fellow MINI folks and also see all the different new MINIs in a fun environment. This year will be focused on driving…and eating!

Mark Osborn, Schomp MINI General Manager

Zig, Zag, Zug

If you’ve heard the phrase ZIG, ZAG, ZUG, it started years ago during an advertising campaign for the new MINI Clubman in March of 2008. Since, it still lives on and leads a few other campaigns to keep the spirit going.

MINI Cooper (ZIG.) and MINI Cooper S (ZAG.) side-by-side above a detachable MINI Clubman brochure (ZUG.)


John Cooper, the man known as the originator of the Mini created John Cooper Works. This is a company company that produces specialized parts and accessories for current MINIs, under the category of JCW editions.


At the start of the Mini, John Cooper Works created the idea behind the Mini. It’s now grown into a movement rather than a car, and the JCW name is still involved, although isn’t responsible for the making of the new MINI. JCW, the company, was founded in 2000 by Michael, the son of John Cooper. This is now a race-car focused company that creates parts and accessories, some of which are found in the John Cooper Works editions. These cars have been juiced up with things like a turbocharged engine and an aero body kit.


…a phrase that describes the personality, persona and life of a MINI

— Schomp MINI

TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. Let’s be honest. The MINI isn’t normal looking whatsoever. It’s small yet roomy, has a body style unlike any other car out there, and it’s simply NOT NORMAL.

There’s nothing normal about a MINI. It doesn’t look or drive like any other car out there.It doesn’t even have a normal dashboard. That’s because normal isn’t great. It isn’t fantastic. Because normal can never be amazing. Get a taste of what it’s like to be Not Normal. Who wants to be average anyway?


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