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6 Big Things That Fit Inside the MINI Countryman

Since its release in 2010, the MINI Countryman has been known for its big size both inside and out. But for those who haven’t sat inside the Countryman, they might think it doesn’t compare to other subcompact crossover SUVs on the market today. That’s why we’re highlighting the MINI Countryman like never before. It might look little, but it can hold more than you think. Those living—or considering!—the MINI life can see some big possibilities.

Being able to seat five is pretty normal for subcompact crossover SUVs, but what’s amazing about the Countryman is how much it can hold, both in the caboose and when the seats are down. If you pack the Countryman full of people – maybe you’re driving to the mountains or going on a road trip – there’s 16.5 cubic feet of space in the boot. That’s enough for luggage, snow gear, plenty of snacks for the ride, and more.

Going somewhere without backseat passengers? Or maybe you need room to drop off a lot of stuff… Whether you’re donating old clothing, participating in a food drive, moving or hauling something else, the MINI Countryman offers 42.2 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down. If you’re a visual person, that 42.2 cubic feet is probably more than you think. But instead of telling you, we’re going to show you.


Going on an extended trip or have a big family with a lot of luggage? That’s no problem for the MINI Countryman. Whether you need the seating for five or it’s just two of you sitting up front, the Countryman’s rear can hold just about anything for a big trip. The trunk has 16.5 cubic feet of space, ready to hold a fold-up stroller, a ton of bags, hiking gear, an ice chest, and anything else you can utilize all that space with.

Soccer Balls

A few years ago, some celebrities were put to the test. They were assigned a MINI Countryman and were told to fill it with stuff they would take on a trip to the countryside. Dutch designer Maarten Baas filled the trunk with a dozen soccer balls, and there was still space for five up front, not to mention more room in the rear for other equipment. This would come in handy if your kids play sports.

Also challenged was Missoni’s brand ambassador, Margherita Maccapani Missoni, filled the trunk with a picnic basket, clothing, boots, wine, games to play, a DVD player, and a lot more. It looked packed, yet there was still space for five people to sit in the Countryman.

Water Bottles

If you’re donating to a food drive, making a Costco run for a big party, or even if you’re a caterer, there’s a ton of room to fit food and drinks. Plus, when the seats fold down in the Countryman, it’s flat instead of having it be slanted. If you ever need to haul dozens of packs of water bottles like above, you’ll be able to.


Have a lot of pets? If you’re need of a car to carry your pets safely in, the Countryman can accommodate them so that efficiently, your pets will enjoy riding in back. This photo shows three dogs and one cat, happily sitting in the back of a Countryman, and there’s still space for more. Playdate with all the dogs in the neighborhood? No problem.


If you’re getting your tires switched out for winter, there’s no need to get rid of them at the dealership because you have room to haul them back to the house and store until summer. Four over-sized tires can fit in the Countryman with the seats down, and you could probably double that amount, too.


Going on an adventure under the sun? We love this photo of the Countryman holding a surfboard and other beach gear. If you don’t want to stack it on top of the Countryman, there’s plenty of room to drive around on the inside.

What can YOU fit into your Countryman? Tell us about it on the Schomp MINI Facebook page!

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