MINI Summer Accessories

May 12th, 2015 by

5 Must-Have MINI Summer Accessories

As a MINI owner, we bet you have your own bucket list for where to take your car this summer. Whether it’s on a road trip to visit family, a mountain getaway or just to the lake every weekend, the MINI can take you on some pretty cool adventures.

But with a fun car comes the opportunity to accessorize it in a much more urban way. From little things to help keep up the life of your car to some awesome gadgets that we can’t wait to get our hands on, we’re showing you five of the best MINI accessories to accompany you and your MINI this summer. Here are 5 MINI-made summer accessories:

MINI Citysurfer Electric Scooter

Now that you have four wheels of style, dependency, power and speed, why not pair your MINI with a fun little accessory that can get you to nearby places with less body? MINI also introduced the Citysurfer Electric Scooter prototype which can easily be folded up in the back of your MINI for fun trips or even downtown while the car is parked in the garage. The Scooter is only 40 lbs, can go up to 15 miles per hour, and has an electric range of 15 miles. It charges while it’s folded up, so you can count down the minutes until your next mini MINI adventure. For more information, read the product review on

MINI UVS Sunshade

$55.00 / Purchase through MINIUSA

This is probably the last thing that comes to mind when looking at summer accessories for your MINI, but it’s one of the most important. Protect the interior of your MINI by blocking the sun from coming in. Sunshades can be ugly, too big and annoying. But MINI created one that is stylish and does its job well.

Colorful Mirror caps

$99.95 / Purchase through MINIUSA

If you’re one of MINI’s “young and dynamic” MINIacs, there’s a new collection of accessories made just for you and your eccentric MINI. MINI Ray is all about taking your styled out MINI to the next level. Get creative with these colorful mirror caps, which come in yellow, green, blue, white and other colors. MINI Ray also offers roof stripes, hub caps, side scuttles and more. You can view the full collection available through MINIUSA.

MINI Bicycle Holder

$675.00 / Purchase through MINIUSA

If you’re taking your MINI up to the mountains this summer, don’t leave your bike at home. Instead, take advantage of one of the many bike trails Colorado has to offer. Whether you’re a full on enthusiast or you like doing a mile or two at a time, there are several places to go. Now all you’ll need is a stylish bike rack. Luckily, MINI makes many different styles. This MINI Bicycle Holder is probably the highest rated because of how protective it is of your equipment, not to mention being on the back of your MINI instead of on top. Drive in style and get your bike to wherever you’re going with protection and sophistication.

MINI’s ”Augmented Vision” Glasses

The MINI life is exciting, so why not add to that excitement while driving? MINI introduced the prototype for its ”Augmented Vision” glasses. You basically put them on and are transformed into a world of MINI video game reality. View your vehicle speed and navigation information as they’re displayed right before your eyes. When in the navigation mode, you’ll also see arrows that indicate where to turn. The glasses also feature X-ray vision, which gives you the superpower of looking through the panels and pillars of your car. For more information, read the product review from GLBrain.

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