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February 11th, 2015 by

5 Cool Gift Ideas for MINIacs

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday – do you have a gift yet for your special someone? If not, stay away from the conventional gifts like flowers, simple chocolates and jewelry they’ll never wear. Instead, go for a gift that has personality. MINIacs aren’t boring people, so why would they want a boring gift? From a way to amp up whiskey, to custom graphics that will only add that much more creativity to your loved one’s MINI, here are 5 cool gift ideas for your MINI valentine.

Local Chocolate

$11.00 | Buy here

Don’t buy a box of chocolates from the supermarket. Instead, get something local like from Ziva, which calls itself “chocolate with a buzz.” Specifically, go for a unique chocolate gift like Ziva’s Chocolate Covered Maple Peppered Bacon. With all of those ingredients combined, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Custom Graphics

$99+ | Buy here

A MINIac will especially love a gift that includes its MINI. Why not get them something to make their MINI that much cooler? MINI offers a bunch of custom graphics ready to choose from. They start around $99 and go up from there depending on size, shape and color.

Whiskey Accessory

$17.95 | Buy here

Tired of your whiskey getting watered down with the ice cubes? Or maybe you don’t put ice in your whiskey and it’s too warm. Either way, the Whiskey Wedge is the perfect way to amp up your whiskey. By freezing the ice at an angle with this accessory, your whiskey lover can get a whole different whiskey experience. Plus, you can infuse the ice with herbs and flavors for an extra kick.

Driving Shoes

$269.95 | Buy here

Does your MINIac compete in driving competitions, go on MINI road trips, or simply drives a lot? All that ware can get uncomfortable on the driver’s feet, but not with shoes designed for driving! AlpineStars 2015 Tech 1-T Racing Shoes are an example of a thin, resistant shoe that is perfect for a MINIac on the road. They’re flexible shoes so that they can make quick moves, and comfortable enough to leave on for hours at a time.

Giant Scratch Map

$31.95 | Buy here

If your MINIac on the road with their MINI a lot? Or maybe they’ve been all over the world and have nothing to show. The Scratch Map is a perfect gift for the world traveler. You can keep up with the places they’ve been to and they can recollect on their adventures. They can also mark their dream trip!

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