Minimalism Helps Save the Earth – One Particle at a Time

April 20th, 2016 by
By Schomp Mini


For many years, MINI has committed to MINImizing their carbon footprint in a variety of ways. From twin-scroll turbocharging and direct-fuel-injection technologies to efficient production measures, social activism, and cumulative responsibility, MINI and Schomp strive to improve the lives of not only our Motorers, but also of those around us. Here’s a brief look at how MINImalism helps save the earth and our beautiful Colorado landscape, one particle at a time.


Twin-Scroll Turbocharging

Most new MINIs feature engines with twin-scroll turbocharging, an adaptable technology which reduces turbo lag and creates more power. In essence, a twin-scroll turbocharger can vary its “size” (based on exhaust flow) to either decrease lag or increase power. At low RPMs and light throttle loads, the twin-scroll turbocharger will channel air through a smaller vane to allow quicker spool-up and more immediate response. At high RPMs and heavy throttle loads, it will transition to a second vane, allowing larger volumes of air to pass through and more consistent power to be produced.


Direct Fuel Injection Technology

Diesel engines have long been lauded for their high levels of efficiency, which came partially by way of spraying fuel directly into each cylinder at extremely high pressure (versus channeling it though a rail and sloppily into the combustion chamber). This direct fuel injection technology was adopted for gasoline engines due to its ability to finely meter the amount of fuel needed and, as well, to keep internal cylinder temperatures low, thereby increasing power and efficiency. Direct fuel injectors work at more than 2,000 psi (versus 35-50 psi for traditional fuel injection). Altogether, less fuel means less resources, contributing vastly towards respecting the earth.


Less-Is-More Vehicle Construction 

From a MINI’s concept phase and onwards, the design teams work hard to pack as much versatility, performance, and technology into as reasonable a footprint as they can create. During production, our cars’ high-quality paint finishes are the work of an integrated paint process, using modern technology to save nearly a full coat of paint (versus that of a traditional painting process), and thereby saving materials and the earth. Further, a host of recyclable materials flank a MINI’s exterior and interior surfaces, allowing the car to live on in a variety of contexts once its useful life has passed.


Working Towards a Common Goal

Globally, MINI employees work confidently knowing that Motorist are driving with a clean conscience – and cleaner air. Fuel consumption and carbon emissions are two areas in which MINImalism comes into its own, and strips things down to their bare essentials. MINI is saving the earth by developing low-emissions technologies while, at the same time, slamming the brakes on energy-intensive processes. With a variety of 2016 MINI models available, from the rugged Countryman to the all-new Clubman with ALL4 all-wheel drive, each takes a wholehearted approach towards minimizing its footprint in every way, while maximizing versatility and the joys of driving.

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