MINIs In The Mountains Top 5

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MINIs in the Mountains Top 5 Moments from 2015

The 10th annual MINIs in the Mountains event, hosted by MINI5280, took place last week through the weekend. For the first year ever, this event was hosted in Snowmass, Colorado, with a beautiful backdrop, perfect for the group rides and events.

Wednesday was the setup day and Thursday was the concert night featuring Firefall. Friday was the track day at Aspen Motorsports Park in Woody Creek, and at night, Schomp MINI sponsored a pool party. On Saturday, MINIs in the Mountains had a MINI car show called the !NUF Car Show, and also offered the group photo and dinner. Sunday was the farewell day with coffee and donuts.

If you weren’t able to catch this year’s event, take a look back at MINIs in the Mountains Top 5 moments.

The “MINIons”

Several people were involved in this year’s MINIs in the Mountains. From kids to their MINI-loving parents, the whole family came up to celebrate all things MINI and take in the amazing scenery. Schomp MINI General Manager Mark Osborn and his family were even there!

The View

For the first year ever, MINIs in the Mountains took place at the beautiful Snowmass in the mountains of Colorado. The drive on the way up, the way home and on the MINI drives provided amazing photo opportunities for the whole crew.


MINIacs love showing off their own MINI, along with checking out other MINIs. Dozens were showcased this year, making for a colorful and unique group of MINIs. We even saw some classic Minis this year!

The Accommodations

Along with the incredible views of Snowmass, Colorado, the MINIs in the Mountains crew stayed in awesome accommodations. The crew was bunked up at the Holiday Inn Express Snowmass Village.

The Car Wash

A MINIac loves to make their MINI looks good, no matter what season or storm comes along. The self-serve car wash was popular, even though the storm clouds were present during some of the trip.

Thank you to everyone who came out to this year’s MINIs in the Mountains!

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