Modern In Denver Winter 2014/15 Issue

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5 Reasons to Pick Up Modern In Denver’s New Winter 2014/15 Issue

For a couple years now, Schomp MINI has had the pleasure of working with one of its partners, Modern In Denver. It’s a local magazine that serves up quality features on what’s going on all over Colorado, not to mention sharing tips and cool furniture finds. Modern In Denver has been around since August of 2008 and doesn’t deliver stuffy modernism, but curated style through the eyes of a modern outlook. We love picking up Modern In Denver’s print issue and we’re excited for the brand new Winter 2014/15 issue that dropped just this month! From a look at modern mountain home to a glimpse at some of Denver’s best coffee roasters, here are five reasons to pick up Modern In Denver’s newest print issue.

1. Things to keep you warm

We’re loving this cold Colorado weather, but if you don’t have something – or someone – to keep you warm, it can be miserable. Luckily, MID published a feature on cool and cozy items that will keep us warm during this chilly season. From textiled blankets to remedies that will make you core warm, the items featured are sure to make the miserable cold not as bad.

2. Nutrition

With the new year around the corner, it might be time to change up your diet and get healthy! MID’s newest print issue includes a feature on Skoop, a nutritional supplement company based out of Boulder. It’s easy to put your health on the back burner, but put your body and health first this year. Skoop just might be the key to getting healthy and living a long, MINIac life.

3. Inspiration

In the fall of 2010, a devastating fire roared through the hills of Boulder, taking homes from many people. Years later, Modern In Denver caught up with one family, the Fry family, who sadly was one of which that lost their home. But four and a half years later, the family called on a friend to rebuild their house – a dream house – that now stands at 7,300 feet high. This home is modern, yet has a mountain feel, and the photos will take your breath away. The story is that of hope, rebuilding and moving forward with a gorgeous fire-proof house that is also earth-friendly. Learn about their story in the newest MID print issue.

4. Coffee

It seems that in the last year alone, the coffee scene in Colorado has boomed. From small coffee houses popping up on South Broadway to Cherry Creek, the scene is growing and the competition of taste is well underway. MID took a look at what’s going on in the coffee business by highlighting a few of the magazine’s favorite coffee spots.

5. Field Study

One of our favorite features that continues in MID every month is Field Study, which features cool products, furniture, ideas, etc. It’s a collection of modern things that are affordable, stylish, trendy and things you’d actually want in your home.

Visit the Modern In Denver website to learn more.

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