Myths About MINIacs

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5 Myths about MINIacs

For those who don’t own a MINI – or have never been inside or behind the wheel of one – MINIacs are often misunderstood. They are definitely looked at as different, maybe a little weird, and artsy. We won’t deny that MINIacs are original, and maybe a little odd, but everything else people are saying about MINIacs just happen to be myths. Check a few below and head to our Facebook page to tell us about other myths you’ve heard about MINIacs!

1. MINI Drivers have to be short to drive.

For those who haven’t been inside a MINI, they might think of the car as small. Sure, it does an amazing job at parking in tight spots and fitting in small garages, but the inside of the MINI is far from small. Want proof? Check out a few MINI owners that are far from short HERE.

2. MINI drivers have cutesy cars.

First of all, for those who think MINIs are “cute,” they haven’t been behind the wheel of a MINI. Secondly, have you seen Bruce? He’s a custom Coopers S owned by Corey Kelty. MINIs aren’t cute, but original, interesting and fun.

3. MINI drivers can’t have anyone else ride with them because it’s so small.

Not only does the Clubman have 4 full-sized seats, it has a huge trunk. In fact, you can fit the whole family in a MINI! Whether that’s four adults, or a backseat full of kids, or even a big dog, MINI drivers are never deprived of company.

4. They’re urban people and only drive in the city.

If you’ve seen where our partner, Burton Colorado take its MINI, you know that MINIs weren’t meant to stay in the city, out of the snow, and on appropriate roads. MINI owners love the mountains and can always be seen on an open road.

5. They don’t like each other.

Hello, Motor-Tober. At least once a year, Schomp MINI and MINI dealerships all over the world host rallies where MINIacs from all over come together to go on a drive, share stories, and show off their MINIs together. We love seeing how MINIacs personalize their own MINI and the MINI community is a world-wide phenomenon!

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