MINI Cooper – What’s Your Name?

November 16th, 2015 by

MINI Cooper: What’s Your Name?

One of the first things you do when you have a child or adopt a pet is give it a name. So why should getting a new car any different?

Whether you just purchased a new MINI Cooper or you’ve had one for years and you haven’t named it yet, you should. Why? A MINI Cooper isn’t just a car. It’s not something that just takes you from point A to point B – it’s an everyday experience that you (and everyone around you) will enjoy.

Naming a car is becoming a popular trend, more now than ever before – at least within the MINI community. Maybe it’s because the team of MINIacs is growing, or maybe people are just getting more creative.

Either way, here are five reasons you should name your MINI:

1. Your car becomes even more personalized to you.

Whether you pick out a MINI Cooper from the lot or you custom order it, your MINI is personal. It has character, personal style and reflects your personality. Give it a name that stems from something you love, something you’ve experienced before or something relative to your name or who you are.

2. It’ll make your MINI Cooper even more Not Normal.

From the look to the tribe of MINIacs all over the world, MINI is 100% Not Normal. You can read all about MINI’s Not Normal campaign to learn more. But giving your MINI a name adds to the fun of owning a MINI. Treat it like your child, your significant other or your pet. Your MINI is special and it deserves to be called something.

3. It becomes a topic of conversation.

Motor-Tober is coming up. This event brings hundreds of MINI enthusiasts together from all over Colorado, and it even spreads outside of the state. Plan ahead by naming your MINI something interesting. It’ll give you an interesting topic to bring up with the other MINI enthusiasts.

4. You could land an interview with Schomp MINI.

If your MINI has a cool name and story, let us know! We love hearing MINI stories from our fans. Above is a photo of Bruce, one of our favorite local MINI interviews. If you want to be next, reach out via theSchomp MINI Facebook page and you could be the next MINIac we feature!

5. There are plenty of resources to help you with your name search.

Don’t know what to name your MINI Cooper? Don’t worry. There are plenty of resources when it comes to naming your car, and even Buzzfeed can help you name your MINI.

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