Not Normal Bars in Denver

May 13th, 2015 by

3 Not Normal Bars in Denver

Since you drive a MINI, the Not Normal lifestyle has already ensued because of the urban car you drive. You get looks while waiting at the stoplight, people might be looking in the windows while it’s parked, and you’re all about that MINIac life. So why not check out some bars that offer that same Not Normal attitude?

Denver has a pretty amazing dining and drinking scene. From sports bars to speakeasies, there are so many places to explore. Today we’re sharing three of our go-to Not Normal bars in Denver that are unique in their own way, while still offering great drinks and food.

The Crown Social

1446 S Broadway / Website


If you’re looking to go back in time a handful of decades, The Crown Social will take you there. The Crown Social is a vintage-themed bar and restaurant that offers cocktails, wine, dinner and Sunday brunch. And if you like the collectables it has sprinkled throughout, do a little antique shopping at The Crown Social while waiting for a table. This place also features live music and events throughout the week, so there’s always something exciting going on.

Grandma’s House

1710 South Broadway / Website


Love the comfort and old lady style of your grandmother’s home? Well, there’s a bar that can offer you that same loving experience, called Grandma’s House. Specializing on its very own collections of beer, Grandma’s House has that homey feel, paired with some tasty taps. Grandma’s House also offers other local brews, even letting locals brew their own through the taps here. “We hope to serve as a launchpad for the next generation of Colorado beer” – said Grandma’s House on its website.

Forest Room 5

2532 15th St / Website


Want to go on an adventure in the heart of the Highlands? Head to Forest Room 5, where specialty craft cocktails, appetizers and a forest await. The interior of Forest Room 5 is lush with vintage art pieces, interesting decor and dark booths for seating. The outside is where it’s lush with literally a forest of greenery. Grab a private table under the stars, among Aspens and a fire pit as you enjoy fresh drinks with friends.

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