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5 Reasons Why MINI is NOT NORMAL

The MINI brand is Not Normal. You might have heard that before, but what exactly does it mean? We’ve seen MINIs painted, carry a giant rubber ducky, and even at the bottom of the ocean. But realistically, how can we interpret MINI to be “Not Normal” in real life?

First of all, MINI stands out because of its unique look. It doesn’t follow the pack and it’s innovative. But MINI is also more of a lifestyle than just a vehicle.

Here are 5 reasons why MINI is Not Normal:

MINI + Burton

For several years, MINI Cooper has partnered with Burton, and MINI has even presented the internationally known snowboard event, the Burton U.S. Open. Back in 2013, Schomp MINI became a partner of Burton Colorado. Burton Colorado is all about the Burton brand and represents it at events, shops, premieres, and of course, on the mountain. Schomp MINI is excited to parter with Burton Colorado because of its culture and importance in our beautiful snow-ridden state. From 2013 on, Schomp MINI can be seen at mostly every Burton Colorado event.

What separates this partnership from other car and lifestyle brands, is that MINI can take you from your city life into the beautiful Colorado mountains with ease. MINI doesn’t only look good on the Burton ads. It’s a great partner of Burton because of its capabilities.

MINI Loves Music

Not only does MINI love getting in some fresh pow, the brand is all about local and national music. Schomp MINI presents the Underground Music Showcase every year, with MINI Coopers front and center to bring guests to the front of the festival, hand out tickets during giveaways, and Schomp MINI even hosts a giant container area where VIP guests and artists can get a great view of the main stage.

The MINI brand and music go hand-in-hand because of both of their creativity. MINI is all about artistic vibes, as is music. Schomp MINI supports local artists and bands through its Band of the Summer contest, where one lucky artist/band receives $1,000 to put toward recording, a tour, or whatever else they need to make their dreams come true.

MINI Competes in Dakar

One of the biggest rallies in the world is an off-road endurance race that takes places in South America. Participants gear up to drive over sand dunes, through mud, camel grass, rocks and other rough terrain, and have to make it the whole 500–560 mile leg each day. This is called Dakar Rally and since 1979, it has been the toughest and biggest rally the world has ever seen. MINI is present in the race, and the car is one you’ll want to have in your own garage.

The MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 Racing Dakar Rally Car weighs in at 4200 lbs. It has a 3.0-liter BMW inline-six diesel engine with 300 horsepower and 516 lb per feet of torque. Similarities to your Countryman include the windshield, door handles, taillights and MINI badges.

MINI Gets Some Air

MINI gets up snowy mountains, through the city with ease, and even through the desert during the Dakar Rally. But MINI can also get some air. Daredevil genius, Guerlain Chicherit went all out while taking a John Cooper Works down a mountain in Tignes, France, to then flip the car…and land it. The video will entice you to see what your MINI is capable of, but we suggest letting the experts do the stunts.

MINI Goes on Adventures

We’re sure you’ve taken your MINI on some fun adventures. But if you follow MINI corporate, you might have seen some amazing trips the MINI has been on. In the past couple of years along, MINI has taken cars to Africa, Australia, India, Dakar, New Zealand and more places, just to explore and take incredible photos of this legendary car in action. We’ve put a list together of some of our favorite MINI adventures.