Partner MINIs

May 28th, 2015 by

5 Awesome Partner MINIs

Throughout the year, Schomp MINI hosts and sponsors numerous events all around Colorado. We work with some awesome partners and design a custom MINI for each event. If you haven’t been to an event we’ve hosted or sponsored, you’re not only missing out on a good time, but the chance to see the custom MINIs up close and personal. Get to know our partner MINIs today, with some of our favorite custom designs.

Denver Fashion Weekend MINI

Every spring and fall, Schomp MINI presents 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend. With four nights of fashion, wild hair and makeup, DFW is a creative weekend with local designs and artists. The next show will be in November. Stay tuned for details!

Love Hope Strength’s Vail Rocks MINI

For years, Schomp MINI has partnered with Love Hope Strength: an organization that’s mission is to “save lives, one concert at a time.” This photo was from last year’s Vail Rocks where local and national artists hiked with fans for a unique concert experience.

Motor-Tober MINI

MINIacs love rallies. That’s why Schomp MINI participates in the national Motor-Tober sales event every fall. Dozens of MINIs participated last year as we drove up to Red Rocks and back to the Schomp MINI dealership. Want to participate this year? Stay tuned for details about the next Motor-Tober, happening this October.

Burton U.S. Open MINI

This year, MINI presented the Burton U.S. Open in Vail, Colorado. Schomp MINI wrapped a MINI and loaded it up for a weekend on the mountain. There was a MINI container where guests could escape from the cold and get warmed up to go back out and watch their favorite athletes. This Burton U.S. Open MINI was one of our favorites so far!

Modern in Denver MINI

For a couple years now, Schomp MINI has also partnered with local magazine, Modern in Denver. This magazine is all about the modern lifestyle, with furniture, interior design and more in every issue. Schomp MINI presents Modern in Denver’s Bloom event every year as well.