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Through our 75-plus year history, our innovation has had one central focus – you. In 1993, we introduced ONE PRICE℠ as we believe we should provide you with the price of the vehicle upfront; no hassles, no games. Then, we built our own technology to empower our client advisors to provide a truly different experience in the dealership – working with ONE PERSON℠ in the transaction process. And because we eliminated the frustration of negotiation and working with multiple resources within the store to simply purchase a car – we optimized the process to complete the purchase paperwork in ONE HOUR℠. We are a company that can be counted on to innovate and improve the customer experience. Introducing [email protected]


Choose the Perfect Vehicle.

Shop by model, features or even payment to find the vehicle(s) you are interested in.


Step 2:

Unlock Price

Unlock Price, See Payments & Incentives.

Schomp believes we should be transparent with our customers, and we also believe in adhering to our manufacturer guidelines. At times, these two factors can be in conflict. With some of our pricing being below manufacturer guidelines, and some of our manufacturers requiring one-to-one contact before communicating price, we have introduced “Request Best Price” on our new vehicle pages. Once the price is requested, you’ll receive the Schomp ONE PRICE℠ from a Client Advisor, along with available incentives.


Step 3:

Pricing & Payments

Well before the COVID-19 concern arose, we’ve completed hundreds of successful car buying journeys that happen outside of our dealership. We’re very flexible and accommodating if you would like to transact online. This option can save you time in the dealership or allow you to purchase your vehicle from home and have it delivered to you.

Change the down payment, compare lease vs. finance options, even apply conditional incentives that you qualify for from the manufacturer. This is more than a calculator, this time spent online translates to a faster in-store experience.

The best way is to set up a time utilizing Google Hangouts where we can show you step-by-step the lease, finance and cash purchase options just as we do in-store with our industry-leading software. We are transparent in person, and we have the tools to deliver that experience right at your home or workplace over a screen. If you choose to commit to the terms, our Client Advisors will confirm your deal.


Step 4:

Get Your Trade Value

Get the value, then we apply it to your deal sheet.

Have a trade? Have a camera phone? Great, send pictures over to us using our express trade tool that guides you through a photoshoot for a trade appraisal and we can provide you with an educated estimate value of your trade. With this step complete, you can see the payments inclusive of your trade value. We can firm up our trade value upon an inspection. Congratulations, you just saved even more time.


Step 5:

Confirm The Deal, Take the Next Step

Come to the store, or have it delivered. It’s completely up to you.

Buying a car online is a reality. Even better, you have all the tools you need to complete the purchase on your terms when the time is best for you. Once you confirm the deal, a friendly Client Advisor will connect and see what is best for you, deliver the car to your home or place of work, or come in and visit and take delivery with a product specialist to walk you through all the features of your vehicle. This is [email protected] - a new way to save even more time at Schomp Automotive.




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