Schomp MINI Celebrates Winning the 2022 Golden Bulldog Award

May 2nd, 2022 by

How important is it to be a winner? Famed football coach Vince Lombardi is reported to have said that “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

That’s definitely true in pro football, but Schomp MINI takes a different view in our business. Winning is important, but even more important is WHY we win. And that’s what’s behind our pleasure that MINI USA has named Schomp MINI a winner of its 2022 MINI Golden Bulldog Award.


The Golden Bulldog? As you might know, the English Bulldog is MINI’s mascot. It has been described as “a brawny little powerhouse …” The bulldog and MINI, our iconic British automobile, celebrated for its wide stance and energetic temperament, go together like tea and crumpets.


So…the Golden Bulldog Award is MINI’s recognition that Schomp MINI is among just a handful of top U.S. MINI dealers, based on a series of metrics. They include some of the predictable stuff, such as the number of MINIs we sell, how well we represent MINI, and our overall performance.


But the most important reason – the WHY – is that the 2022 MINI Golden Bulldog Award is also based on what Schomp MINI and our team are most proud of: offering our guests an exceptional customer experience. We work hard on doing that, every day, and our success in delivering it can be seen in some of the online reviews we get. You can see some of those at This one, for example: “Awesome customer service and easy to work with on new car purchase with trade-in.” Or this one: “They made the process as easy and straightforward as possible…”


So, yes, winning is important, but the real awards are comments like these. Nevertheless, we want our customers and future customers to know that Schomp MINI is an award-worthy dealership and winner of the 2022 MINI Golden Bulldog Award.