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March 19th, 2015 by

Meet Winston, Schomp MINI’s Very Own Mascot

For years, MINI’s iconic mascot has been the English bulldog. It has appeared in commercials, advertising and it’s even available a stuffed animal form.

Schomp MINI has recently been searching for its own mascot and we just might have found him. His name is Winston, he weighs 50 lbs. and he happens to be in the Schomp family already. Schomp BMW sales manager Nick Sandoval is the “daddy” of Winston, whom is the most lovable English bulldog with such an awesome personality.

To give Winston an interview on possibly becoming Schomp MINI’s mascot, we conducted an interview with Nick, along with a photo shoot with Winston. Do you think we’ve found our new mascot? We doubt you’ll say no after seeing these photos…

Tell us about Winston. How old is he?

Nick Sandoval: Winston is almost a year old. His birthday is April 13th.

When did you get him?

I got him when he turned 8 weeks old from a breeder up north.

How would you describe Winston’s personality?

He is very funny. He has a lot of energy and always wants to play – not what I expected when getting a bully.

What makes him unique?

He likes to jump! He is springy. I expected a couch potato. He loves to run around the house and use the couch cushions like a wrester would when they are bouncing off of the ropes. He quickly bounces off and runs in the opposite direction!

What is his favorite activity?

He loves going for walks because he gets stopped by every person for a pet.

Does he have a favorite toy or something he likes to chew on?

He loves anything that squeaks. I hate his toys [laughs].

What does he do when he meets someone new?

I have truly never seen him get upset. He loves everyone, not a mean or shy bone in his body.

Any fun facts about Winston?

He watches TV. I mean literally watches TV. He will sit and stare at the screen, moving his head left and right.

Did he like getting all that attention at the photo shoot?

By the end of the shoot, it almost seemed like he was posing. He had a great time!

Why would Winston make a good Schomp MINI mascot?

Because he was born into the Schomp family! Daddy bleeds Schomp and so does this little man.

Do you think Winston would well represent the fun and unique personality of MINI?

I think fun and unique are two excellent ways to describe this little guy. Never a dull moment with him.

Nice to meet you, Winston! We hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the future. 

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