Schomp Mini’s 2016 Denver Auto Show Display Is a Must-see

March 13th, 2016 by
By Schomp Mini


2016 marks the 114th anniversary of the Denver Auto Show, and the 15th year of MINI in Colorado.  Accordingly, this year, Schomp MINI has developed an auto show display that simply can’t be missed.  Paying homage to the brand’s rich history, musical heritage, and “Defy Labels” Super Bowl campaign, our booth promises a totally interactive brand immersion with live music, smoke screens, and plenty of exciting vehicle displays.  Stay tuned to our Schomp MINI Facebook page on Wednesday, March 16thfor an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek of this year’s MINI display.


Starting on Wednesday, March 16th at 5pm, Denver Auto Show attendees will find our display at the Colorado Convention Center graced with MINI geniuses and brand ambassadors.  Dressed in MINI shirts, our staff’s mission is to educate show-goers on MINI’s rich heritage, which includes ownership by George Harrison, Steve McQueen, Enzo Ferrari, and more.  Under the steady hand of Sir Alec Issigonis and performance-oriented soul of racing legend John Cooper, MINI has become an international fixture, synonymous with style, performance, and versatility which defies its compact footprint.


Speaking of defiance, MINI as a brand has worked diligently through the years to defy its “cute,” “impractical,” and “slow” stereotypes.  No current model exemplifies premium look, feel, power, and versatility better than the label-defying 2016 MINI Clubman.  The all-new Clubman ushers in a new era for the brand, inclusive of flawless fit and finish, exquisite interior materials, and four full-size passenger doors.  In the cabin, it’s representative of a whole new era of premium expectations.  Every tangible surface including switches and buttons, seats, door panels and more, has been refined to levels never before seen within the premium compact segment.  Brand loyalists needn’t fear, as the package still looks and feels undeniably “MINI,” but now elevates the brand with a more premium look and feel.  Schomp’s model at the Denver Auto Show will include a Chesterfield Blue interior, the perfect compliment to MINI’s British heritage.


Other Schomp MINI highlights at the 2016 Denver Auto Show will include a “Colorado”-themed 2016 MINI Countryman (you need to see it), 2016 Cooper and Cooper S 2- and 4-door Hardtop models, and an original MINI Clubman, owned by a local MINI enthusiast and MINI5280 club member.  Live music will play throughout the show’s weekend hours, featuring local bands from Denver’s own Underground Music Showcase (UMS), and a guest appearance will be made by a one-of-a-kind restored Land Rover Defender– very un-MINI, but incredibly functional and beautiful. Join us at the Denver Auto Show through Sunday at 6pm – can’t wait to see you there!