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Why the MINI Paceman is a Snow Beast

Last year, artist Andreas Preis debuted his creation of the “SNOW BEAST,” a MINI Paceman that hand-painted five different animals. The car’s first appearance was at the Burton European Open an the Swiss Resort, Laax in early 2014. Preis is an urban art illustrator from Berlin, Germany, who combines his love for snowboarding with his passion and talent for art. He has worked for many sport-related companies including ESPN Classic, adidas, Fibretec Skateboards and DC Comics, and partnered with MINI to complete the SNOW BEAST. Even though we can’t all drive Preis’ Snow Beast, the MINI Paceman is still a snow beast of its own. Its body type, safety features and more are geared up for a stormy winter, which is looks like one is on its way here, in Colorado.

Comfort for Mountain Drives

Some SUVs might have a lot of space for mountain drives, but their seats are hard, uncomfortable and not fun to sit in for a long amount of time. With the Paceman, it’s the opposite. The Paceman is dedicated to comfort on the inside. Besides the space, listed below, we know everyone (up to four adults) will be sitting comfortably. In the Paceman, it features larger side bolsters for extra support around sharp turns. Plus, both full-fledged individual rear chairs have armrests, so you can lounge without fighting for space.


The Paceman might look little, but it’s actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside! Four adults can fit into the Paceman, and there’s definitely room for each one to stretch out, too. The front seat passengers have 40.4 inches of leg room, and the backseat passengers have 33.7. For long drives together, everyone will be comfortable and won’t have to cozy up too closely, thanks to the Paceman’s spacious interior. Taking a lot with you up to the mountains? No problem! The Paceman’s boot offers 11.7 cubic inches of space with passengers in the backseats. If the seats are folded down, there’s a whopping 38.1 cubic inches of space to hold all of your equipment.

Power & Speed

Want to make it up the mountain smoothly? Well, the Paceman has just the power you’re looking for. With 121 horsepower, you’ll make it up there no problem. And your gas mileage won’t suffer, either. The Paceman offers a 34/27/3- mpg rating, and can even reach a speed of 117 mph. You’ll get there quickly, without being too rough on the engine, and without spending a fortune on gas.


MINIs are known to drive well in the snow, but the Paceman is available in All4, so that you’ll know you’ll make it up there without a problem. Whether you go for the Cooper S All4 or you want the sportier version with the John Cooper Works All4, you’ll glide through the snow and passed some SUVs that might be bigger, but aren’t quite as mighty as the Paceman. Don’t believe us? Watch the video above.


Driving up to the mountains can oftentimes get a little scary with heavy snowfall and other cars on the road. But the MINI Paceman is packed with features that will keep you safe and sound, and getting to where you need to go. Some of these features include a strong cockpit frame, smart, dual-stage airbags, sophisticated emergency systems, electronic brakeforce distribution, runflat tires, a wide bulldog stance, and dynamic stability control (DSC).

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