The Five Best Super Bowl Car Commercials of All Time

February 2nd, 2016 by

The Denver Broncos are settled comfortably in Santa Clara, and the focus for Super Bowl 50 has shifted to game-time entertainment, notably its commercials.   With a worldwide audience expected to be greater than last year’s 114.4 million viewers, advertising space for #SB50 has come at a $5-million-per-30-second premium.

With advertisers seeking more than ever to maximize their impact, this year’s commercials should be nothing short of truly memorable.  Still, the past 49 years have produced plenty of winners, especially from our own Honda, BMW and MINI brands.  To celebrate, here’s our list of our brands’ five best Super Bowl car commercials of all time.

5) BMW X5 – “Changes” – 2011
Although the diesel BMW X5 and 3-Series made their respective U.S. debuts for the 2009 model year, all diesel models were in high demand throughout the early-2010s.  With average fuel prices looming in the $3-4/gallon range, high fuel economy was a priority for most consumers.  With their “Changes” Super Bowl ad campaign, BMW set out to smash longstanding diesel stereotypes once and for all, proving that high economy could indeed blend with high levels of style, refinement and performance.

4) BMW i3 – “Newfangled Idea” – 2015
Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel have a blast from the past while driving the 2015 BMW i3 through the streets of New York, remembering to always keep at the forefront of game-changing technological evolution.

3) Honda CR-V – “Matthew’s Day Off” – 2012
Honoring the fun-to-drive nature of the new-for-2012 CR-V, Honda brought in Matthew Broderick for a hilarious reenactment of the cult-classic 1980s film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

2) MINI – “#DefyLabels” – 2016
Celebrating the all-new 2016 MINI Clubman, the iconic British brand decided to smash its own traditional stereotypes.  With endorsements from MINI-owning celebrities such as Randy Johnson, Serena Williams and Tony Hawk, light is shed upon how each owner, and their car, sought to overcome adversity.

1) Honda – “A New Truck to Love” – 2016
With honorable mention (as it hasn’t yet aired), here’s Honda’s hilarious “A New Truck to Love” campaign, set to air during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7th.

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