Throwback Thursday

May 7th, 2015 by

10 Favorite Mini Photos from the 1980s

This year will mark 56 years since the first Mini was released to the world. From the 1960s until now, there have been dozens of Minis, MINI Coopers and so on – and they all look good in photos. On this Throwback Thursday, we’re checking out the Minis from the 1980s. Bright colors, two to four doors, radical details – all these Minis are small but have left a lasting impression on us for over 30 years. We’ve found 10 of the best photos of Minis from the ‘80s, courtesy of Schomp MINI’s Pinterest. We collect thousands of photos of all things MINI, so follow us and stay in the loop!

1980 Mini 1100


1980 Austin Mini Cooper Truck


1981 Classic Austin Mini 1000HL


1982 Mini Clubman


1984 Mini Mayfair


1986 Mini Cooper S


1987 Mini 1000

1988 Mini


1989 Mini Turbo


1989 Austin Mini Mayfair


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