UMS 2015 Official Charity

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2015 Underground Music Showcase Official Charity: Youth on Record

The upcoming UMS 2015 presented by Schomp MINI, on July 23-26, is all about local and national music. With 400 bands performing in over 20 venues, thousands of music lovers will get the chance to see their favorite bands and artists within four days.

But the Underground Music Showcase doesn’t only help fans connect with bands, it’s helping one of the coolest organizations in the Denver area: Youth on Record. As the official charity of the 2015 Underground Music Showcase, Youth on Record and the UMS go hand-in-hand, as both of their focuses is music.

About three years ago, Youth on Record began as Derived from members of local band the Flobots, this organization is dedicated to connecting kids to music, all while keeping them in school with the goal of graduating. Years later, it is now Youth on Record, serving several kids in Colorado.

With courses teaching kids about spoken word, emcee, music production, music fundamentals and more, we deem Youth on Record the coolest opportunity for kids to grow education-wise, while also learning about their passion within the music industry.

“Our intensive, for-credit high school classes are led by a powerful group of culturally relevant Colorado musicians, all of whom have a passion for working with at-risk and underserved youth in the Denver Metro area,” said Youth on Record on its website.

The instructors are some you may recognize, and will even see at UMS 2015. They include Suzi Q. Smith, Diana Rise Frances, Babah Fly and more professionals, whom are either artists themselves, or they’re the ones who produce, manage and write for leading Colorado artists.

“Frequently asked to preform locally and nationally – at music festivals, high schools and universities, on radio programs, TED Talks and more – our partner artists use music as a tool to build stronger communities.”

Youth on Record will be hosting a booth at the UMS, where you can dunk one of your favorite musicians, plus learn more about this awesome organization. Don’t forget to check out the schedule to also see some of Youth on Records instructions take the stage themselves.

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