UMS 2015 Top Moments

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Schomp MINI’s Top 8 Moments from the 2015 UMS

The 2015 Underground Music Showcase presented by Schomp MINI was last weekend, showcasing four days and nights of local and national music down South Broadway. Over 20 venues participated as 400 bands took the stages and performed new and old favorites. Schomp MINI was all over the event, taking photos, hosting contests and hanging out in the MINI container. The UMS 2015 top moments picked by our staff and attendees are listed:


One of this year’s headliners, Tennis is from Colorado, but has since moved on to Nashville. This twosome is made up of a husband and wife who traveled the world, then wrote music that features by beautiful melodies and dance-worthy sounds. It was the perfect time to welcome them back to Denver and they gave one awesome performance on the Main Stage.

The Schomp MINI Container

One of our favorite parts of the UMS is the MINI container, which we change up every UMS. It’s the coolest hangout area, located right next to the Main Stage. This is the second year that we’ve hosted this container and it keeps getting better every year.

Love Hope Strength

For years now, Schomp MINI has partnered with Love Hope Strength. LHS attends concerts and events to get people on the national bone marrow database. We were so happy to have them at UMS once again!

In the Whale

In the Whale is one of Schomp MINI’s top picks for local acts. Last year the band performed at the Hi-Dive and this year showcased their music on the Main Stage.


If you were at In the Whale’s set, you noticed that they had a visitor who was wearing bright orange, white and navy blue. The Denver Broncos mascot, Miles, made a special appearance, dancing on stage for fans, throwing confetti, and having a great time at this year’s UMS.

The lyric wall

On the first level of the Schomp MINI container, we always change up the interactive element. Last year we had mixed tapes, and this year was the lyric wall. UMS fans wrote their favorite lyrics on the wall, along with writing some new ones.

The view from the MINI Skybox

On the top level of the MINI container was the skybox, where VIPs and the Toy MINI contest winners got to experience UMS above the crowd and with a view that was breathtaking.

Rose Quartz

One of Denver’s newest acts, Rose Quartz performed twice at the UMS, but our favorite set was at the Main Stage on Saturday. This group is only about a year old but looked seasoned on stage and offered some killer tunes.

Stealth Hippos

Schomp’s Sr. Graphic Designer, Matt Dougherty, was a part of the UMS madness. Matt performed with his band Stealth Hippos Thursday night, and the entire Schomp marketing team went out to see him and show our support.

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