Vote Every 24 Hours for Chris Chappell to Win a Mini Clubman!

June 17th, 2016 by
By Schomp Mini



Colorado’s MINI 5280 Car Club President Chris Chappell is in the MINI #defylabels contest’s FINAL FOUR, thanks to your votes! He and his wife will be attending Mini Takes the States next month, and have a 1:4 chance to win a 2017 MINI Clubman. Please continue to vote every 24 hours, now through June 30, to give Chris the boost he needs to take home the grand prize!

Since his spinal cord injury in 2000, the 52-year-old quadriplegic is accustomed to smashing stereotypes, tirelessly and selflessly working to inspire those in our community who need it most. Capitalizing on a passion for everything automotive, Chris began his journey by eschewing the archetypical handicap-accessible minivan for a customized 2007 Cooper S. Gazing at what should have been a perilous new chapter, he said, it was MINI’s culture which ultimately catalyzed an epic journey of salvation.

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Upon delivery of his car, aptly named “MINerva,” Chris Chappell was inspired by MINI’s inclusive and passionate community of owners. Coining the motto “Onward & Upward…No Excuses,” he set out on his mission to inspire the disabled community to defy their own labels. Through audiobooks, motivational speaking, podcasts, and advocacy, Chris has worked to foster a message of positivity, confidence, and hope. His presence as an Olympic torchbearer and presidential keynote speaker has only furthered the mantra that, through positivity and perseverance, anything is possible, regardless of physical limitations.


Chappell notes one of his greatest accomplishments as designing and implementing the “Craig Hospital – Rebuilding Lives” Colorado license plate. With thousands of dollars in proceeds benefitting the hospital’s Patient Assistance Fund, the effort has specifically helped redefine “possible” for individuals like Chris with spinal cord and brain injuries.


MINerva has been customized to suit Chris’ style, inclusive of a suite of visual and mechanical upgrades, along with space and adaptability for his wheelchair and limited range of motion. As of this spring, the Cooper has covered more than 80,000 miles of American blacktop with Chappell’s wife and daughter by his side. It’s a feat, he says, that simply would not have been possible in any other vehicle.

“MINI equals fun and I’m looking forward to…having many more adventures in MINerva for years to come. MINIs, like me, never grow old. We just become classics,” Chappell said.

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