Welcome to MINI Electric!

August 1st, 2022 by

Welcome to the world of MINI Electric! These brand-new electric MINIs offer electric feels with the same MINI thrills you’ve always loved. They’re designed to enjoy the same go-kart feeling and admire an iconic design with a MINI supercharged to work with your lifestyle! Switching to an electric MINI has several benefits, including: 


  • Exceptional Driving Range: the electric MINI is designed for the everyday driver. A single charge allows you to drive to work, run errands and return home without needing another charge! 
  • Charging Convenience: When it’s time to charge, you’ll find that charging your electric MINI is as easy as charging your phone. Just plug it in overnight at home, and it’ll be ready to hit the road in the morning. Or, if you need a little extra battery when you’re out and about, there are countless charging stations nearby at any time. 
  • Cost Effective: Who doesn’t love saving money? Drive electric is typically less expensive than maintaining a traditional gasoline engine vehicle. Plus, with additional tax incentives, you can save even more. 
  • Enjoy MINI Maintenance Program: Although your electric MINI will require less maintenance than traditional combustion vehicles, when you need it, it’ll be on us! 


There are many reasons why switching to an electric MINI makes sense. For all of your MINI needs, the MINI Mobile App is always conveniently available to you. And it makes for easy charging when you’re out and about! A simple download on your phone is all that’s keeping you from all of these great features.


Plus, MINI has two electric models that you can choose from. The MINI Electric Hardtop is fully loaded with more standard premium features, making the drive even more fun than before. Or, the Countryman Plug-In Hybrid, which is the MINI Countryman you’ve always loved with a hybrid drivetrain. Explore both of our electric models today! 

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