When Buying a MINI

August 18th, 2015 by

5 Things to Know When Buying a MINI

Whether you’ve driven a MINI for years or you’re looking into getting your first one, there are a few things you should know. In case you didn’t know, MINI is pretty unique. From the alluring exterior to the charming details inside, MINI is something captivating from headlight to rear bumper.

Here are five things you should know when buying a MINI:

You’re going to stand out.

If you don’t know much about MINI, you should know that its lifestyle is “Not Normal.” This means that the MINI doesn’t fit into a crowd. It stands out. MINI leads the way creativity, and also leads the pack with all of its innovative features.

The mountains await.

When you buy a MINI, you should also know that MINIs don’t like to sit still for long. Yes, the MINI looks awesome sitting in your garage, but take advantage of this powerful, solid and comfortable vehicle on the open road. Whatever season you purchase a MINI in, head to the mountains to experience all that your new car has to offer. The MINI will get you up the hills with ease during the snowy months – that’s why it’s also called a snow beast.

You’re going to enjoy driving again.

When purchasing a car, an important factor to consider is comfort and ease. Do you feel comfortable when driving in your car? Can you relax on a stressful drive to the office? Test out a MINI to get a feel for its comfort. Plus, with all the features, you’ll probably want to spend more time in the car than out when you get to your designation.

Everyone will want a ride.

With your new MINI in hand, you’re about to become a lot more popular. This doesn’t necessary mean you’ll acquire a ton of new friends, but the friends you do have will always want you to be the driver so they can experience your car. Have a furry friend? The MINI is a perfect car for taking your dog to the dog park in, along with taking him with you on a weekend camping trip. Roll that window down (not too far) and let him enjoy the view too.

You can make it yours.

A great aspect of the MINI brand is that you can make your MINI unique to your personal style. Have a favorite color? Add a little trim, like this pink MINI above. MINI also offers numerous accessories to match your lifestyle, whether you go to the mountains often or need somewhere to put your bike.

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